The most versatile modular cold room on the market

Matrix is our modular cold room developed for the conservation and freezing needs in high-volume facilities such as restaurants and industrial kitchens, large hotels and catering companies, among others. Its versatility has also been considered for those constantly changing and developing business environments.

A common maxim in our products is their quality, certified by independent bodies. Our CFC’S free high pressure injected Polyurethane (PUR) panels with a density of 40 kg/m3 +/- 2 have a B-s2,d0 fire reaction classification (Euroclass) and Class 3 anti-slip certification (Class 1 for our stainless steel floor).

Our Matrix cold room marks the difference, compared to other cold rooms on the market, thanks to the quality of its materials and its complete modularity, not only for its different sizes and panel thicknesses (60, 85, 105 and 150 mm), but also for its cutting-edge design, and its additional application, such as our ExpoMatrix, a cold display room with glass doors. In addition, it is easy to assemble and can be done from inside the cold room, with no need for a larger space and without the need to make cuts in the panels.

Matrix gives you an infinity of possibilities. Do you know why? Because if your company grows and you need to increase your cold room, with Matrix, it is possible, as it allows you to fix other cold rooms of the same thickness, height and type of floor, with no need for thermal breaks. We make it easy for you if you need to separate your cold room into different spaces or by temperature. All you need is a partition wall, which will be fixed with sheet metal profiles and self-tapping screws.

Matrix – Cold Room

60mm - 85mm - 105mm - 150mm

Flexible Height

Max. 4,030 mm


Modular - 200 in 200 mm


-40°C to 15°C



  • Certified product:
    • Euroclass B-s2,d0 Fire Reaction Certification.
    • Class 3 slid/skip Resistance Rating Certificate for non-slip phenolic resin floors.
    • Class 1 slip/skid Resistance Rating Certificate for stainless steel floors.
  • Quick and simple assembly from the inside of the cold room.
  • Perfect for high-volume installations.
  • Total modularity of 200 in 200 mm.
  • Possibility of dividing the cold room and having different temperatures.
  • Possibility of attaching another Matrix cold room with the same characteristics (thickness, floor and height).
  • Multiple configuration and customization options.
  • Easy and quick cleaning thanks to its smooth finish.
  • Compatible with Coolblok modular shelves. Your perfect complement.

Product certified in:

  • Panel Features

    General specifications Matrix panels:

    • Modules from 200 mm to 200 mm.
    • Thicknesses of 60, 85, 105 and 150 mm.
    • Polyurethane (PUR) isolation injected at high pressure free of CFCs and HCFCs with a density of 40 kg/m3 +/- 2.
    • Euroclass B-s2,d0 certificates (reaction to fire).
    • Panel connection through a metal hook with anti-corrosion treatment.


    Matrix panels coating:

    Pre-lacquered galvanized steel sheet with 25-micron polyester lacquer. Thickness 0.5 mm and with protective film.

    The standard finish of the Matrix panels is:

    • Interior: smooth lacquered in White Pyrenee Ref.1006 / RAL 9010.
    • Exterior: smooth lacquered in Grey RAL 9006.

    The Matrix also has other coating options:

    • Smooth lacquer in white color reference 1006.
    • Plain AISI304 stainless steel (indoor and outdoor).
    • PVC (indoor and outdoor).
    • Antibacterial PVC.
  • Matrix without Floor

    Matrix 60, 85, 105 and 150 mm – Positive

    For positive temperatures (conservation), it is provided with a special PVC coving for quick installation and fixation.

    In addition, you can choose from different sizes of standard pivoting doors, with the possibility of shifting the sheet on the door panel to adapt to the features of the installation.

    All our pivoting doors have a key lock, interior opening, and right or left opening direction with an interior anti-panic push button.

  • Matrix with Floor

    Matrix 60, 85, 105 and 150 mm – Positive and Negative

    For positive (conservation) and negative (freezing) temperatures.

    Standard floor:

    They have a non-slip coating of resistant phenolic resin and a Class 3 slip/skid Resistance Rating Certificate (the same is required in outdoor areas of swimming pools).

    Optional Floor:

    10 mm reinforced plywood (CTBX) coated with a non-slip stainless steel sheet on a 0.5 mm thick lacquered sheet glued to the inner side of the plywood. Class 1 slip/skid Resistance Rating Certificate.

    The floor in both finishes (phenolic resin + CTBX plywood) is super-reinforced and recommended for particularly high service loads.

    In addition, you can choose from different sizes of standard pivoting doors, with the possibility of shifting the sheet on the door panel to adapt to the installation’s features.

    All our pivoting doors have a key lock, interior opening, right or left opening direction with interior anti-panic push button and include floor resistance.

    Standard floor


    Optional stainless steel floor

  • Accessories


    • Sanitary coving throughout the perimeter of the cold room.
    • Balance valve for negative cold rooms.


    With Coldkit, you can complete and customize your Matrix cold room with the following options:

    • Replacement of pivoting door by sliding door or service door.
    • Additional installation of a pivoting door, sliding door or service door.
    • Division of the Matrix cold room through a partition wall with the option to include doors.
    • Attach another Matrix with the same height, thickness, and floor. LED lighting throughout the perimeter of the sanitary coving of the cold room with a system whose energy consumption is minimal and easy to clean, avoiding the accumulation of dirt on the lamps.
    • Installation of windows in the panels.
    • Interior and exterior skirting installation for negative cold room: Made of white PVC, with flexible lips, with a concave exterior finish. Fixing by using hidden screws by pressure cap integrated into the coving by co-extrusion.
    • Installation of aeration covings.
    • Installation of access ramps.
    • Installation of lamella curtains: Manufactured with transparent PVC lamellae 2 mm thick and 200 mm wide, with articulated polyethylene support. Self-tapping screws for installation are included.

    Lamella curtains




    Sanitary Coving




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