The Future belongs to us

The world is changing rapidly and constantly. More and more new disruptive technologies are arriving that change manufacturing, design, and the way we think about and accomplish things.

At Coldkit, we are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the most demanding markets. This continuous evolution is based on three main pillars: Innovation, Sustainability and Digitalization.


We use all our knowledge and experience to cope with and be faster in finding the new developments that the markets will demand.

Coldkit has a large R+D+I team dedicated to the design and development of new products and solutions based not only on the current requirements that the market is demanding but also on the future needs that the market may have. We work to develop new eco-sustainable products that are easy to assemble and use, not only to facilitate installers’ work but also to be attractive to our customers.

At Coldkit, we innovate in product design and our production processes. We have highly technological and flexible factories, which constantly adapt their equipment and production processes to accommodate the production of new models quickly and efficiently without affecting quality.

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At Coldkit, we are committed to our present but, above all, to our future.

Not only are we aware of the importance of the impact of our footprint but also of the example we set as a brand to other companies, our suppliers and our customers. That is why we promote and carry out actions both in our factories and offices, aiming to protect the world around us.

A sign of our commitment to the environment is our use of the highest quality raw materials that meet the requirements of our market but are also environmentally friendly. For example, our products are free of CFCs and HFCs.


At Coldkit, as in entire Purever universe, we believe in digitizing processes, which helps us be more sustainable by significantly reducing paper usage. With the implementation of the latest IT tools on the market, we manage and offer all our information digitally, anywhere in the world, at any time.

The implementation of tools such as the cold room configurator simplifies and speeds up the project design and development process while allowing the immediate sharing of information without needing to print documents.


"We are attentive and listen to what our markets tell us and what they ask of us. Thus, we put all our staff and technology at your service."

Wondering what we can do for your projects?

Coldkit products reach anywhere in the world, so we have delegations with experts to make your installation look the way you imagined.