The Self-service Display Cold Room

ExpoMatrix is Coldkit’s modular walk-in cold room designed for the display and self-service needs of your food and beverage business and is equipped with glass doors that allow the buyer to see and select the product before opening the cold room.

It distinguishes itself from other self-service and wall-mounted cold rooms by its energy savings of more than 50%. This is due to its glass doors’ airtightness, automatic return system, and standard LED lighting.

Expomatrix – Self-Service Cold Room




Positive and negative




Electro-welded steel

  • Certified:
    • Euroclass B-s2,d0 Reaction to Fire.
  • Quick and easy to assemble.
  • Energy savings > 50%.
  • Easy to clean thanks to its smooth finish.

Product certified in:

  • ExpoMatrix Features

    ExpoMatrix general specifications:

    • Polyurethane (PUR) insulation injected at high pressure free of CFCs and HCFCs with a density of 40 kg/m3 +/- 2.
    • Euroclass B-s2,d0 certificates (reaction to fire).
    • Thicknesses: 60 mm (positive temperature) – 85 mm (negative temperature).
    • Panel connection through a metal hook with anti-corrosion treatment.
    • Ideal for environmental conditions from +10°C to +33°C with a relative humidity of 65%.
    • LED lighting:
      • LEDs SSL-60W-5050-IP64, 12V power supply.
      • Color White (6000-6500K).
      • Application by the door of 2 LED bars of 1.2/1.5m. Easy replacement in case of failure.

    Coating of ExpoMatrix panels:

    Pre-lacquered galvanized steel sheet with 25-micron polyester lacquer. Thickness 0.5 mm and with protective film.

    The standard finish of the Expomatrix panels is:

    • Interior: smooth lacquered in White Pyrenee Ref.1006 / RAL 9010.
    • Exterior: smooth lacquered in Grey RAL 9006.

    White LED Tape

  • Doors Features

    General specifications ExpoMatrix doors:

    • Possibility to create sets of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 doors.
    • Frame Features:
      • The structure in aluminum AL Mg Si is 0.5-F22 (6060) with NPEN 12020-02 tolerance and natural anodized finish.
      • Covings in 0.8 mm thick Skinplate, black color.
      • Silicon wire resistors 230V / 70W.
      • Stainless steel support.
    • Overlap handle.
    • Automatic return springs to a closed position by torsion bar system.
    • Glass Features:
      • Positive temperatures: 4mm low emissivity tempered outer glass, 18-20mm spacer, 4mm inner glass.
      • Negative temperatures: 4mm tempered outer glass with thermoelectric film, 8mm spacer, 4mm center glass, 8mm spacer and 4mm exterior glass.

    Magnetic seals with welded edges and easy to replace.

    • Standard door measurements in mm:
      • 595 x 1700h
      • 750 x 1700h
  • Shelves Features

    General specifications ExpoMatrix shelves:

    To complete your self-service, display cold room, we offer you a complementary shelf specially designed for this function and which, thanks to its dividers, allows you to display different products on each shelf.

    • Manufactured in steel rods welded and plasticized by immersion (1mm per strip) with high resistance against corrosion.
    • Standard Dimensions:
      • 610 x 600 mm
      • 765 x 600 mm
    • Legs made of 2 mm galvanized sheet with white epoxy painted finish, with adjustable leveling feet.
    • Shelf supports in 2 mm thick stamped galvanized sheet with white epoxy finish allowing multiple inclinations.
    • The front strike piece is made of welded and dip-coated steel rods (1mm per band), used as a barrier to hold the products in front or behind.
    • Spacers made of dip-plasticized steel rods with a minimum spacing of 18 mm, allowing easy adaptation to different product dimensions.
    • Sliding coving in PVC, allowing the products to slide by gravity, minimizing friction between the products and the shelves.
    • Price holder, in translucent PVC, for easy assembly and display of prices or other information.

Benefits of being our customer?

You will have access to our cold room configurator and can design it according to your needs with all its accessories, including modular shelves, in just a few clicks and a few minutes.


If you need to know more about ExpoMatrix, its technical specifications, different possibilities, measures, and prices, please get in touch with us so we can send you more information.