Coldkit is the Purever Industries Group brand for the Horeca insulation and refrigeration sector, catering, and food trade. We have a team of more than 200 professionals who know the demands of refrigeration and insulation projects and the challenges faced in executing them.

Supermarkets, food chains, restaurants and hotels in more than 25 countries are just some customers who have trusted Coldkit for over 30 years.

You will find different modular cold rooms and derivatives among the wide range of Coldkit products and solutions, such as self-service display cold rooms and refrigerator cabinets.

Our modular cold rooms, easy to assemble from the inside and outside, are adaptable to all spaces and needs.

At Coldkit we help you at every stage of your project, from design to installation, presenting ourselves to the market as a comprehensive supplier of refrigeration and insulation solutions that simplify and speed up the commissioning of your cold room.

Coldkit products are developed and manufactured in our Purever Industrial Solutions factory, located in Nelas, Portugal. This factory has the ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) certificate and the European Conformity CE marking.

We have modern units in which our products are manufactured by qualified teams, using high-quality raw materials and components to ensure versatile, robust and energy-efficient products with a careful and modern design.

Quality as a sign of Identity

At Coldkit, we care that the quality of our products is what you need. That is why our raw materials are submitted to different tests by independent laboratories, which give them various certifications:

Modular cold rooms are produced every year in our factories.
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Millions of m2 of refrigerator insulated panels.
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Isothermal doors.
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Factories in Spain, France, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States.
Certified quality and respect for the environment.
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Purever Industries

Coldkit is part of Purever Industries, a steadily growing European industrial group, a leader in innovative solutions. Purever Industries is fully committed to responsible manufacturing, sustainability, and diversity to meet the world’s leading demands.

Purever aims to put its technologies, industrial know-how and project experience at the service of its customers. To this end, the group is fully committed to developing a new generation of products (which will be whatever the customer needs) that are eco-sustainable, modular, easy to use, interactive with customer applications, and innovative.

Purever is one of the leading European manufacturers of insulation products for the Agri-food and Horeca sectors, including refrigerator doors, logistics and air-conditioned, refrigerator panels, metal structures and refrigeration solutions. All of them are designed for factories, warehouses, cold rooms, logistics, supermarkets, etc. We also offer catering equipment and turnkey projects with standards that favor quality and design.

Purever also creates value for its customers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, technology industries, research, data centers, etc., offering solutions for cleanroom construction and turnkey projects for the growing needs in healthcare, drug manufacturing, laboratories, research and for new applications that respond to the needs of controlled environments.

70 years after the creation of Dagard (France, 1951), Purever Industries pursues growth by creating value for its customers.

Purever Industries currently employs more than 900 workers of 15 different nationalities, who carry out their activities in the 11 factories that the group has in Spain, Portugal, France, England and the United States and in the more than 25 offices worldwide from which the group’s commercial presence is managed, which currently extends to more than 80 countries.

Our main brands are leading brands in Europe!

Wondering what we can do for your projects?

Coldkit products reach anywhere in the world, so we have delegations with experts to make your installation look the way you imagined.