Background information

Purever Negocios y Gestión, SGPS, S.A. (“Purever”), is the holding company of an integrated group of companies, which includes Purever Industrial Solutions S.A. (PIS). Purever is committed to protecting the personal data of the Customers/Users of the products and services of the different companies of the Purever Group, and the personal data of the respective data subjects in all situations where personal data is processed by the different companies and entities of the Purever Group and, in this context, has developed this Policy, which has motivated its commitment to respect personal data protection rules. Thus, when we refer to Purever in this Policy, we are referring to Purever Negocios y Gestión, SGPS, S.A. as well as to each of the Companies that make up the respective Group. Purever is committed to protecting what matters most, in this case, your privacy. This statement details the steps we take to protect your personal information when you visit our websites. It describes what personal information you collect, for what purposes that information is used, and what options you have to manage the use of the information. The steps we take to protect your personal information and how you can review and correct it are also inserted here. By accessing our sites, you agree to the collection of information and practices described in the privacy policy. The current site (hereinafter “Site” which may be accessed, inter alia, through the domain, is operated and managed by PUREVER NEGOCIOS Y GESTIÓN, SGPS, S.A. (hereinafter “Purever”) a Portuguese company, with a tax identification number (NIPC) 506497976 and with tax address in Valle del Vinagre, place of Pozo Forrado, Viseu District, Nelas Municipality, Freguesia de Vilar Seco, Portugal. For more information on Purever or the information on this Site, please email us at

Purpose of the Site

Through this Site, Purever offers its shareholders, investors, suppliers and customers, as well as the general public, information related to its main business activities, products and services, to respect, inter alia, publicity and transparent information principles, following the current rules.

Site Users

The simple access to the Site by an individual automatically attributes the status of “user” (hereinafter “User”) and necessarily implies the total and unconditional acceptance of this Legal Notice and the current Privacy Policy, as well as any other legal provisions that may apply.

Privacy Policy

Purever is committed to protecting the personal data entrusted to it. For this reason, all personal information is treated and protected with all due diligence, and always following the applicable law: EU Regulation 2016/679, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This Privacy Policy explains who we are, for what purposes we may process your data, how we treat them, to whom we may disclose them, such as customers and/or other Purever Group Companies, where they may be transferred or accessed and what their rights are. Purever Business and Management, SGPS, S.A. and Purever Industrial Solutions S.A. (hereinafter “Purever”) will process your data following the purposes described below. Purever is responsible for the processing of personal data.

Data protection and privacy principles

The processing operations, carried out by Purever, comply with the fundamental principles of data protection and privacy, which guarantee the proper functioning of the processes, the trust between customers and partners, as well as the image before the public: legality, impartiality and transparency, limitation of purposes, minimization of data, accuracy, limitation of retention, integrity, confidentiality and transmission. This Data Protection Policy applies exclusively to the collection and processing of personal data for which Purever is responsible for its processing, within the framework of the services and products made available to its Customers, Suppliers and employees, and in all situations in which personal data is processed by Purever.

Personal Data

Personal data is any information, of any nature and regardless of its medium, including sound and image, relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. any natural person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to a name, identification number, location data, electronic identifiers or one or more specific elements of his or her physical identity shall be considered identifiable, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social.

Grounds of lawfulness

Purever guarantees that all personal data is treated lawfully, that is, strictly respecting the grounds of legality imposed by the GDPR. there is such a lawful basis when at least one of the following situations occurs: the data subject has given his consent for one or more purposes that require it; it is the performance of a contract to which the data subject is a party; or for pre-contractual procedures at the request of the data subject; for the fulfilment of a legal obligation to which the data controller is subject; for the defence of the data subject’s vital interests; for the performance of a public interest function or a public authority; for the legitimate interests of the controller.

Purposes of the Treatment

In general, the personal data collected are based on and are intended for the management of the contractual relationship, the provision of the contracted services, the suitability of the services to the needs and interests of the Client/User, in particular for access to specific functionalities of the services, to content suggestions to information and marketing actions.

Human Resources Management

It includes the data processing necessary for the conclusion, fulfilment and termination of an employment contract, the management of the working day, absences and vacations, the processing of wages and other benefits, the relationship with the Tax Administration and Social Security, career development and promotions, training, evaluation, expenses of representation and communication with workers, the exercise of disciplinary power.

Internal and business management

It includes activities such as project planning, recording working time, managing company assets, providing centralized services to increase operational efficiency, conducting audits and investigations, the implementation of management controls, the use of internal databases, file management, insurance, prevention, preparedness and conflict management.

Safety, Hygiene and Health at Work

It includes activities related to safety, hygiene and health at work, protection of workers and company assets, worker authentication and access management.

Provision of services and information

For us to provide you with our services efficiently, we process your data. Your data may also be used to provide the information requested by you and may also be processed for the provision of third-party services with your express consent.


After the provision of the services, the personal data you have provided us will only be processed for billing purposes.

Commercial and marketing purposes

Your data is also processed for commercial and marketing purposes, if you have authorized it, by submitting offers or news that may be of interest to you.

Compliance with legal obligations

It includes the processing of personal data strictly necessary for the fulfilment of its legal obligations, such as the disclosure of data after a court order, collaboration with regulators and the defence of Purever’s legitimate interests.

Protection of vital interests

Legitimacy for the processing of your data Your data will only be used if one of the following situations occurs: You have given your consent by signing or accepting an online or paper form. the data is necessary for the fulfilment of the legal obligations of the contract concluded with Purever. The data is necessary to comply with a legal obligation to which Purever is subject, such as the disclosure of data to the Tax Administration and Social Security, as well as to other authorities the data are necessary for the legitimate interests pursued by Purever, provided that they do not prevail over the interests or rights, freedoms and guarantees of the data subject.

Transmission to third parties

Except as described below, personal information you provide to Purever will not be shared outside of Purever, its controlled subsidiaries and affiliates without your permission. The provision of information or services by Purever may involve the transmission or access to personal data by partners and subcontractors. Purever ensures that it will only use entities that provide sufficient guarantees of the application of appropriate technical and organisational measures so that the processing ensures compliance with the applicable law. The categories of partners and subcontractors include:

Disclosure to Suppliers.

Purever hires other companies to provide other services on our behalf. We provide these companies with only the essentials of their personal information, which they need to perform those services. These companies and their employees are prohibited from using customers’ personal information for other purposes.

Disclosure to the distributors.

Through a request from you, we may share your personal information with companies that distribute our products. In such cases, we provide these companies with only the essentials of their personal information, which they need to respond to your request, and these companies, and their collaborators, are prohibited from using that personal information for other purposes. In some cases, we may attempt to obtain your permission to share your information with distributors, for marketing purposes, for the sole purpose of fulfilling a request from you. In any event, we will not share your information for such marketing purposes unless we have your express consent to do so. The data provided may also be transferred to official entities in compliance with legal obligations. Purever only transfers personal data to entities located in a country outside the EU, in compliance with legal obligations or if compliance with national and EU legal standards is ensured. Purever does not sell, purchase or market personal data.


The Personal Data, transmitted by the interested party, may require their express consent, according to the purpose for which they are intended. In these cases, consent is given freely, specifically, informed and explicitly by its owner, in each of the different means of interaction with Purever. The data subject may request at any time the withdrawal of any consent for its treatment. The withdrawal can be done by using our contact form correctly completed by unequivocal identification of the holder. The withdrawal of consent concerning particular processing of personal data shall not affect the lawfulness of the processing already carried out based on that consent.


Purever is committed to protecting the security of your personal information. We use various security technologies and procedures that help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use and disclosure. For example, we store personal information provided by you in limited-access computer systems located in facilities whose access is limited.

Review your personal information

You can request a review and correct your personal information collected through our websites, or ask Purever to stop providing it, using our duly completed contact form. We may take steps to verify your identity before allowing access to your personal information. You can help us maintain the accuracy of your information by notifying us of any changes to your address, phone number or email address.

Rights of Holders

The data protection legislation gives the data subject the right to information about the purposes and treatments to which his data are intended, and also to access, rectify, delete, limit the processing, as well as the portability of his data and, still, to oppose automated individual decisions. For the exercise of the rights described above, the holder should contact

Term of retention of personal data

When there is no specific legal requirement, Personal Data will only be stored for the time strictly necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it is intended. The length of time the data is stored depends on the purpose for which the information is processed.

Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights

Purever is the sole and exclusive owner of all industrial and intellectual property rights, and other similar rights of the Site, as well as its unlimited contents, source codes, navigation structures, commercial designations, trademarks, service marks, graphics, logos, domain names, know-how, programming, including source code and object code, text, graphics, images or databases that can be found on the Site, are duly protected under the rules of intellectual property. However, when expressly mentioned, the intellectual property rights in these terms may belong to third parties. The User shall refrain from any act that violates the industrial and intellectual property rights of Purever or third parties, and may not alter or manipulate any “copyright” and other data identifying the relevant industrial and intellectual property rights. Any reproduction, distribution, marketing or content processing that is not expressly authorized in writing by its owners, constitutes an infringement of industrial and intellectual property rights protected by applicable laws and regulations.

Acceptable use of the Site and its contents

Purever guarantees that all content and services offered on the Site respect the principles of human dignity, the principles of non-discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability or any other personal and social circumstance, as well as the principle of the protection of young people and children. Any use by the User of the contents and services must respect the principles listed here. In addition, as there is the possibility to download a copy of the contents, the User undertakes to make proper use of such contents on the Site and to refrain from using them in a way that they are damaged, disabled, overloaded, or impair the Site or prevent the normal use or satisfaction of other Users. In particular, the User undertakes not to obstruct the proper functioning of the Site, inter alia, not unreasonably overloading the bandwidth, or any other technical elements that may be damaged, not to transmit any element that may contain viruses, Trojans, logic bombs and, in general, any other element that may impair or interfere with all or part of the operation of the Site.

Liaison policy

The contents and services of the Site may include text links or graphic links (“links”) to other websites and content located outside the Site that are owned by third parties. The sole purpose of these links is to provide the User with the ability to access and complete information through them. These links have no relationship with Purever, which in turn is not responsible for any of these sites, their contents, or any consequences in the access to such links by the User. Accordingly, Purever authorizes the third parties involved to create “links” from its websites to the Site, provided that they comply with the obligations contained in this Legal Notice. Specifically, the “link” must allow the Site to be presented in its entirety within the browser window, without the contents being viewed with limits or “frames”. Purever reserves the right to request from any third party the immediate removal of links to its Site as a result of the violation of this Legal Notice. Purever assumes no responsibility for the content, veracity, availability and privacy practices of these websites or external resources. You do not accept or be liable, directly or indirectly, for any damages, losses or infringements caused, or presumably caused, or related, to the use of such websites or external resources.


Purever may also revoke access, as well as the use of the Site, whenever it deems appropriate and for as long as it deems appropriate, in the event of a lack of continuity in the operation or malfunction of the Site.


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Disclaimer and limitation of liability

Purever disclaims any liability, of any nature or monetary amount, resulting from direct or indirect, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary and/or burdensome damages, regardless of how the claim is based on the contract, damages otherwise related to the following circumstances: The existence of errors or inaccuracies in the Site, having only informative objectives and being the User the only responsible in the comparison of the published contents, as well as in the consultation of the corresponding official records, whenever necessary. In this regard, Purever acted in good faith when preparing the Site and its contents, so if there are errors or inaccuracies these will be rectified by Purever as soon as possible and as soon as they are known. The use of the Site by the User in an incorrect, illegal, negligent, fraudulent way, or that opposes in any way the provisions of this Legal Notice. Purever reserves the right to modify, if it so wishes, the Site and the contents contained therein, including this Legal Notice or Privacy Policy, without any obligation of prior notice or to inform the Users of such modifications, being sufficient for this purpose the simple updating and publication on the Site, and if necessary, the renewal of knowledge and consent will be requested The Site and the contents therein installed, including, among others, this Legal Notice, are available in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

This Legal Notice shall be governed by the provisions of Portuguese law. In the event of any discrepancy or litigation regarding the interpretation or application of this legal notice, Purever and the User expressly waive any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them and subject it to the jurisdiction of the courts that may correspond to the User, provided that the User acts as a consumer. Otherwise, and in the hypothesis that the User resides outside Portugal, Purever and the User expressly renounce the jurisdiction that may correspond to them, and both submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Viseu.

Cookie Policy

A cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device via a web server and only that server will be able to retrieve or read the content of the cookie and allow the website to remember the browser preferences and navigate so efficient. Cookies allow interaction between the user and the website quickly and easily.

General Information

This website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files generated by the pages you visit, which contain session data that may be useful later on the site. Therefore, this website remembers information about your visit, which can facilitate your next visit and make the site more useful.

How do cookies work?

Cookies can only text from the store, usually, it is always anonymous and encrypted. No personal information is stored in a cookie, nor is it associated with an identified or identifiable natural person. The data allow this site can keep your information between pages, and also to analyze how it interacts with the site. Cookies are secure and can store only the information that the browser places there, which is the information that the user has entered in the browser or included in the page request. You cannot run the code and cannot use it to access your computer. If a website encrypts cookie data, only the website can read the information

What types of cookies do we use?

The cookies used by this website can be distinguished by the following criteria:
  1. Types of cookies such as the entity managing:
Depending on who is the entity that manages the computer or domain from which cookies are sent and the data obtained is processed, we can distinguish: Cookies if: They are those that are sent to the user’s terminal computer from a computer or domain managed by the publisher itself, and from which the service requested by the user is provided. Third-party cookies: these are those that are sent to the user’s terminal equipment from a machine or domain that is not managed by the publisher, but by another entity that processes information obtained through cookies. In the case where cookies are installed from a computer or domain managed by the publisher itself, the information collected by these is managed by a third party cannot be considered as its cookies.
  1. Types of cookies such as the period that are enabled:
According to the schedule that is enabled on the terminal computer can be distinguished: Session cookies: These cookies are a type designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a website. They are usually used to store information that you are only interested in retaining for the service requested by the user at any time (for example, a list of purchased products). Persistent cookies: Cookies are a type in which data is still stored in the terminal and can be accessed and processed by a defined by the cookie maintainer, and can range from a few minutes to several periods of a year.
  1. Types of cookies by purpose:
According to the purpose for which the data collected through cookies are addressed, we can distinguish between: Techniques Cookies: These are those that allow the user to navigate through a website, platform or application and use the various options or services that exist, such as traffic control and data communication, identify the session, access restricted areas, remember the elements of an order, make the purchase process of an order, make a registration request or participate in an event, Use security features while browsing content storage for streaming sound or video or sharing content via social media. Customization of cookies: These are those that allow the user to access the service with some general characteristics based on a predefined set of criteria in the user’s terminal, such as the language, the type of browser through which you access the service from which you access the service, etc. Cookies Analysis: those that allow the same response to track and analyze the behaviour of the users of the websites to which they link. The information collected by these cookies is used to measure the activity of websites and the application or platform for the creation of user navigation profiles of these websites, applications and platforms, to make improvements based on the analysis of usage data that users of the service.

Management of cookies Tool

This website uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool from Google that allows website owners to mainly know how users interact with their site. Allow also cookies in the domain of the site where it is located and use a set of cookies called “__utma” and “__utmz” to collect information anonymously and report on websites trends without identifying individual users. Statistics about the use of this website uses cookies to know the level of visitors and content that are most interesting recurring. In this way, we can focus our efforts on improving the most visited areas and making it easier for the user to find what they are looking for. On this site, you can use information about your visit to perform evaluations and statistical calculations on anonymous data, and to ensure continuity of service and make improvements to your sites. For more details, see the link below Privacy Policy [] How to manage cookies on your computer: Deactivation and deletion of cookies All browsers allow you to limit the performance of a cookie or disable cookies in your browser settings or options. The steps for this are different for each browser, you can find instructions in the help menu of your browser. If you reject the use of cookies, as it is possible through menus or preferences setting your browser, reject, this site will continue to function properly without your use. You can allow, block or delete cookies installed on your computer by configuring the browser options installed on your computer. Through your browser, you can also view the cookies that are on your computer, and delete them as you wish. Cookies are text files, you can open and read the content. Data within them is almost always encrypted with a numeric key corresponding to an internet session often makes no sense beyond the site that wrote it.

Free and informed consent

The use of this website implies in turn that you. You expressly and unequivocally consent to the use of cookies on the terms and conditions provided for in this Cookie Policy, despite the deactivation and deletion of cookies measures that you. you can adopt, and they are mentioned in the previous section.