The most versatile modular refrigerated cabinet for storage.

MultiMatrix is our most versatile modular refrigerated cabinet, designed for work in kitchens and bakeries.

This is the equipment your facility needs, as it allows you to create different storage and refrigeration spaces according to your client’s needs. This cabinet can be designed with doors or hatches, or a combination of both, creating and adapting to the particularities of the products you want to store or refrigerate.

What’s more, if your space changes, you can be sure that your MultiMatrix can change with it, being able to expand from the initial structure easily, quickly, and simply.

In addition, you can complete it with grids, with four units for each door and two for each hatch.





Positive and Negative

  • It is certified:
    • With Euroclass B,s2-d0 Reaction to Fire.
  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • Energy savings > 50%.
  • Easy to clean due to its smooth finish.

Product certified in:

  • Technical Characteristics

    MULTIMATRIX General Specifications:
    • High-pressure injected polyurethane (PUR) insulation without CFCs or HCFCs with a 40 kg/m3 +/- 2 density.
    • Euroclasses Bs2d0 certificates (reaction to fire).
    • Thickness:
      • Positive temperatures: 60 mm and 85 mm.
      • Negative temperatures: 85 mm and 105 mm.
      • Mixed Temperatures (Positive and Negative): 85 mm.
    • Panels are joined together using an eccentric hook mounting system requiring only a key.
    MULTIMATRIX panel coating:

    Galvanised steel sheet pre-lacquered with 25-micron polyester varnish. Thickness of 0.5 mm and with protective film.

    The standard finishes for Matrix panels are:

    • Interior: Smooth lacquered Pyrenees White Ref.1006 / RAL 9010.
    • Exterior: Smooth lacquered Grey RAL 9006.
  • Options

    • Possibility of combining doors and hatches.
      • Optional: glass doors for positive temperatures.
      • Optional: glass portholes for positive temperatures (thicknesses: 60 mm and 85 mm).
    • Support and guide kit for pastry trays and Gastronorm (GN 2/1).
      • Made from AISI 304 in one piece without welding.
      • Valid for 60×40 pastry trays and Gastronorm 2/1 trays.
      • Supply of fixing screws.
      • Panels with internal reinforcement.
      • 65 mm separation between guides.
    • Can be ordered with a monobloc refrigeration unit.

Benefits of being our customer?

You will have access to our cold room configurator and can design it according to your needs with all its accessories, including modular shelves, in just a few clicks and a few minutes.


If you need to know more about MULTIMATRIX, its technical specifications, different possibilities, measurements, and prices, please get in touch with us so that we can send you information.