The Coldkit worlds

Coldkit means quality and diversity in the many solutions it provides for distinctive markets and industries.

Given the desired environment, being minimalist, sophisticated or even contemporary, we design a vast range of high-quality catering units and refrigeration systems.
Thus, achieving the desired project and insuring our customers full satisfaction.

Explore and be inspired by our Worlds.


Cafeterias, Pastries, Bakeries

The organization, colour and shape must draw attention, seduce, awaken senses and drive emotions.

The products’ showcase is primary for selling, as quite often this is the only way they’re shown to customers.
Our showcases and counters favour display, whilst assuring proper conservations of all products.

To bring out a project that lives up to your expectations, get to know our portfolio of elegant showcases and counters for cafeterias, pastries and bakeries.

Food Distribution

Groceries and Supermarkets

Preservation and storage are fundamental in a grocery or supermarket.
Their importance was never diminished.

Nowadays, due to the vast range of products in the market, refrigeration equipment must be attractive and highly functional, day in and day out.

Coldkit equipment is a synonym for expertise, confidence and efficiency.


Hotel Buffets

Like at any other place, but particularly at a hotel, one should feel like at home.

From the kitchen to the buffet, the refrigeration equipment plays an important role in satisfying the customer.

The speed and quality of a room service meal or the freshness of breakfast in the lounge, widely depend on the quality of your team’s equipment.

Day in and day out, Coldkit products are a guaranteed, secure, versatile and enduring solution.


Cocktail, beer and wine bar

The equipment is directly correlated to the team´s efficiency and profitability.

Whether for storage or work needs, the Coldkit solutions are versatile, secure and functional.

Get acquainted with our vast portfolio, from cocktails stations to refrigerating equipment, so you may set up or refurbish your own wine cellar, brewery or pub.



A quick self-service means more meals may be served in a short period of time and delivered with high-quality.

Whether the items are neutral, hot or cold, the Coldkit’s Alyat line guarantees a versatile solution at every level.

Adaptable to different configurations, sizes and styles, it’s perfect for restaurants, hospitals, hotels, service stations or cafeterias.


Professional kitchens

A professional kitchen’s configuration determines the staffs’ level of production.

Choose within our vast range of kitchen products for hotels, restaurants, bars, bakeries, pastries or any other food production business.

With the professional Coldkit equipment your staff will surely benefit from a productive, hygienic, efficient and safe environment.

Food Distribution

Convenience stores

For a convenience store to be successful, it’s crucial to display products in an appropriate and organized manner.

You may count on Coldkit’s vast range of equipment, such as grab&go showcases or wall displays that privilege self-service.

All products being approachable, well-ordered and in a good preservation state, is what drives us when coming up with a solution.

You may rely on the vast array of Coldkit refrigerating equipment for convenience stores.