Introducing the Optima Cold Room

Based on the needs of our customers, we have developed the new cold room Optima.

Optima is equipped with innovative features whose purpose is to improve and facilitate the work of both the installer and the final customer.

Easier to assemble due to Its modular system of 4 angles.

This new system, with 4 white colored (RAL 9010 / Ref.ª 1006) injected vertical angles, allow a greater ease to create layers of cold rooms, both for small cold rooms, which optimize the space, and large cold rooms, as possible with our Matrix cold room. Optima is modular by 20 cm in almost its entire range.

New optional lighting system

The new cold room Optima have a LED lighting system built in the colving profile, whose energy consumption is minimal. In addition to its aesthetic innovation, It is easy to clean, avoiding the dirt accumulation on the lamps.