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News | Coolblok (modular shelving) launches new website | ColdKit

Coolblok, modular shelving to optimise storage, has launched a new website in November 2015.

As ColdKit, Coolblok belongs to Purever Group, and its shelving is often used in ColdKit cold rooms.

Coolblok modular shelves were designed and developed to meet all types of storage requirements. The new website has a shelving configuration that makes it easy to define the most appropriate shelving set. Just enter the dimensions of the space where the shelves will be installed and the desired model.

With an excellent quality/price ratio, these shelves can be easily adapted to any requirements of the refrigeration & hospitality industry. Ideal for any type of business, Coolblok meets the storage & organisation needs of hotels, restaurants, hospitals, laboratories, laundries, among other sectors. See some pictures of our clients on our new site.

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