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News | ColdKit hotel and catering equipment at HOST – Fiera Milano

ColdKit, which manufactures hotel & catering equipment and other industrial products (such as display & refrigerated cabinets, sandwich panels and refrigerated panels), was once again present at HostMilano, between 23 and 27 October, with a 100 m2 stand.

This time, the company brought some new ideas to the trade show and new concepts in terms of design and decoration:

  • Calabria and Florida display cabinets, ideal for pastry shops and small shops;
  • The Alyat self-service and buffet line;
  • The new Bonaire display cabinet;
  • Aruba and Araya equipments for small grocery shops;
  • Java butcher’s and delicatessen display cabinet;
  • Matrix, Isark and Expo Matrix cold rooms;
  • Industrial insulating panel;
  • Coolblok shelves.

The Host trade show is one of the biggest Hotel & Catering trade shows in the world. The event makes it possible to come into contact with markets from all over the world, and is an ideal venue for showcasing ColdKit’s commitment to growth and creating opportunities outside of Portugal.