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News | ColdKit’s cold rooms at Expohalal

Expohalal Spain 2015 (the first halal trade show in Spain), was held in Madrid on 21 and 22 October. The main agents of the world halal industry were present at IFEMA. Bearing in mind Spain’s high potential for the halal products market in cultural, social and economic terms, ColdKit could not but be present with its modular Matrix cold rooms.

“Halal” is a term that encompasses a set of practices, services and products permitted to Muslims. Spain has over 300 companies with halal certification. The majority are in the food industry with products such as soup, frozen tortillas, alcohol-free drinks and sweets. The meat industry is the most common nowadays.

As a participant, ColdKit had the opportunity to contact potential clients from the Middle East and North Africa, as well as clients from European countries with large Muslim communities (France, the United Kingdom and Belgium).

In addition to cold rooms, ColdKit also manufactures and sells display cabinets, hotel & catering equipment, sandwich panels, refrigeration panels and other industrial products for the hotel and catering sector and restaurants.