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News | ColdKit associated with yet another sporting event

ColdKit is a company that is committed both socially and culturally to the community it is a part of. As part of its social responsibility policy, the organisation could not but include sporting activities as a way of promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Loyal to its organisational philosophy, ColdKit decided to support a team of 5 businesspeople from the Sousel area. They are clients and friends of the company who took the laudable initiative of going on a bicycle pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela between 4 and 14 September.

These athletes cycled 800 km in 10 days, with the ColdKit logo on their gear. It was a courageous challenge that the company enthusiastically associated itself with.

ColdKit would like to thank the team and to reiterate its intention to develop projects like this in order to relate the brand to themes that reflect how it interacts with its stakeholders.