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News | ColdKit always on the move

In line with its sustainable growth strategy and in order to make its name on the Spanish market, ColdKit will be taking a different approach to advertising its products in Portugal and Spain, making the brand, its dynamics and the innovative spirit of the team known.

As the organisation has international experience in the manufacture and distribution of professional thermal insulation products, as well as solutions for Catering on different markets, ColdKit has decided to address the increasing requests from its clients. “Our answer is commitment to improving the quality of our shipping and logistics process, as well as ensuring faster and safer deliveries”, said company management.

Now ColdKit is always on the move on the roads in Spain, with two articulated lorries, 13.5 m long and 2.5 m wide. Each one of these lorries travels an average of 110,000 km per year, taking the ColdKit name to the most diverse points on the Iberian Peninsula.

ColdKit management summed this up by saying “Above all, this is a way of getting closer to our clients, working harder and better for their success”.

Does your company need professional Insulation and Refrigeration products, products made to measure for your facilities, industrial panels or industrial doors? Contact us at ColdKit, always in the forefront in providing better solutions for our clients’ needs.

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