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News | Cater equipment for a gym’s coffee-shop | ColdKit

Retail Catering Solutions, ColdKit’s retail division for catering projects, recently provided the kitchen & display equipment for a coffee shop within Oakley fitness Gym. Oakley Fitness is a modern Gym located in Kent, it has the latest state of art equipment, and has an affordable membership. Oakley Fitness Project contacted Retail Catering Solutions, which quickly prepared the design for the coffee shop.

  • Calabria display cabinets, patisserie and Grab & Go versionCalabria ambient showcase (specially designed for pastries) and Grab & Go versions were chosen allowing customers to quickly access their favorite products;
  • Corsica service counters integrated with Calabria showcases;
  • Linx worktables in stainless steel – In the food preparation area there are Linx Stainless steel tables, with special cut for existing pillars, with integrated coffee knock out drawer;
  • Also in the kitchen preparation area of Oakley Fitness Project, there are Mizar tables for preparing and storing food.

The combination of all these elements resulted in a pleasant and harmonious space, giving a modern but also welcoming look to this coffee bar.

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