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News | Tailor made retail project for Quiznos, a sandwich restaurant | ColdKit

Quiznos is a well-known fast food franchise from the USA, now in wide international expansion. Although the restaurant is famous for its delicious sandwiches, there are also salads, soups, desserts, delicatessen products, homemade bread and cheeses. Quiznos offers perfect menus for lunch and its customers value not only the quality of food items, but also the speed of service.

When opening Quiznos in London – Covent Garden, Jack Rai (Business Developer for the UK) contacted Retail Catering Solutions, a division of ColdKit UK for food retail projects. Retail Catering Solutions is a supplier of ambient furniture, chiller rooms, self-service equipment, coffee shop display counters and other catering equipment for hospitality.

Retail Catering Solutions, with 20 years’ experience in custom made retail projects (including design of coffee shops), worked closely with Jack Rai to ensure his restaurant was equipped with the right equipment (and attention to detail) a large franchise requires:

  • An Isark mini-coldroom, dual chiller & freezer – One of the most attractive points of Quiznos is its famous sandwiches made with fresh ingredients. To ensure the freshness of the food items, Isark minicoldroom proved to be the best solution for storage & preservation of frozen and chilled products simultaneously;
  • Multideck chiller for drinks – In order to maintain the drinks chilled, a wall display cabinet made of stainless steel was installed, especially for customers who prefer to have direct access to products;
  • Linx neutral furniture products – Quiznos’ kitchen is equipped with sinks, wash basins and preparation tables in stainless steel, ensuring maximum hygiene;
  • Custom-made counters for the preparation of fresh salads and sandwiches, and Linx tables in stainless steel.

All of these catering equipments help preserve the quality of food items and also contribute to an efficient flow of customers.

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