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How to choose a refrigeration solution for your business?

Refrigeration is an integral part of the kitchen of any restaurant, patisserie, coffee shop or café. Without a proper industrial cooling system, it would be impossible for catering companies to buy ingredients in bulk, store them or keep them preserved with the right temperature. When opening a catering or hospitality company, remember to determine what type of cold rooms your business needs.

Evaluating the needs of your business (in terms of storage capacity required, space limitations and raw materials’ delivery schedule) will help you to decide what the best type of refrigeration equipment for you:

  • If your menu is based on large amounts of frozen products, a freezer walk-in cold room may be the ideal solution;
  • If your restaurant is limited in space or your suppliers make often deliveries, a mini-cold room should be enough for you;
  • Finally, there are still refrigeration & display equipments for restaurants, cafes or cafeterias that need to attract customers’ attention; for them it is better opting for refrigerated display cabinets to show the products, instead of using cold.

Although these three solutions satisfy different needs, the equipments can be combined to achieve optimal results. For example, the same restaurant might have a walk-in cold room to store food in large quantities, a cooling mini-cold room for quick access to fresh products and some refrigerated display cabinets for displaying desserts, all at the same time.

Criteria for choosing a cold room for a catering or hospitality business

  • Dimension according to your space needs;
  • Temperature required according to the type of food and storage (refrigerated or freezed);
  • Type of insulation and floor;
  • Compliance with legal regulations;
  • Availability of shelves and other accessories;
  • Design / external appearance.

If you still have any questions about the best refrigeration solution for your company, contact us. Our specialists will be very glad to help you getting the best value for money!