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A complete ColdKit kitchen for Nuno Bergonse’s new restaurant in Lisbon

Chef Nuno Bergonse has recently opened his latest space devoted to food lovers, which is located at Cais do Sodré in Lisbon. Besides being a restaurant, Duplex also includes a bar and a pizzeria. It’s the kitchen I’ve always dreamed of, confesses the Chef.

ColdKit has settled a partnership with the young Chef Nuno Bergonse, one of the greatest promises of the new Portuguese cuisine. After a few years working in other restaurants, Nuno decided to follow his own path and soon opened two different spaces in Lisbon, “Ministerium” and “Marisqueira Azul”.

This month, Nuno Bergonse opened a new space in one of Lisbon’s most trendy area, “Rua Nova do Carvalho”, also known as “pink street”. Duplex is a modern and sophisticated restaurant where Nuno Bergonse confesses to have the kitchen of his dreams.

The facility was designed by ColdKit’s engineers, satisfying all requirements placed by the Chef. With a kitchen fully designed to suit his needs, the result could not be better!

The restaurant is located on the first floor of the building. At street level, the space was completed with a modern pizzeria, “La Puttana”, where pizzas are cooked in a traditional oven. Duplex also has a fantastic bar: “We want people not only to have dinner, but also to continue the night at the bar, listening to music,” said Nuno Bergonse to NiT.

In a near future, this partnership will bring in some delicious news from the experiences this wonderful Chef will develop in his kitchen. The result is already being published in various media and events organized in partnership with ColdKit.

A winning bet due to the great creativity, talent and innovation of this young Chef, along with our experience as market leaders in this sector.

Nuno Bergonse in the kitchen of his new restaurant Duplex, with ColdKit’s logo (image from “New in Town“)

Images of the inauguration of Duplex in January 2015