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News | ColdKit’s cold storage cabinets in Colombia | ColdKit

On 21 and 22 October 2014, the Third Institutional Food Meeting, was held in Bogotá (Colombia) as a strategic occasion for large-scale suppliers of food items and drinks. This year, the event has brought new opportunities for institutions of this sector, which have great potential for growth in Latin America.

Kadell, a reputed Colombian company engaged in the supply of industrial equipment for kitchens and bakeries, which was one of the entities organizing the Third Institutional Food Meeting. Thanks to technological partnership that Kadell have with ColdKit, they displayed Dubhe upright refrigerated cabinets with two doors. Dubhe is a line of cold storage cabinets designed to meet the requirements of the catering & hotel professionals (as bakeries, cafés, patisseries, restaurants)…

In Colombia, as in other Latin American countries that are going through a time of great economic growth (such as Peru), ColdKit means quality. The cold storage cabinets sold by Kadell rely on our quality of production and materials used, ensuring excellence in manufacturing and energy performance.

ColdKit congratulates Kadell by attending this event and for offering products of exceptional quality. See you soon.