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News | Innovation in continuous refrigeration panels | ColdKit

Innovation is a subject that is on the agenda. A news from the current year reveals that United Kingdom is still a “EU regional innovation leader”. The country is particularly well positioned in innovation developed by SMEs.

ColdKit is proud to be among the companies that are contributing to global innovation. As examples of the significant R&D effort that ColdKit has been putting to practice to respond to the new requirements of the global markets, we can mention the recent change in the measures of continuous refrigeration panels, allowing higher modularity, optimization of transportation and reduced costs.

New measures of ColdKit’s refrigeration panels:

  • New measure of width: 1,100 mm;
  • New measure of maximum length: 15,1 m.

ColdKit’s industrial panel is the ideal solution for large installations requiring polyurethane insulation. To see an example of the application of industrial refrigeration panels, see our news about the supply of more than 11,500 m2 of refrigeration panels for the company Fumados Douro.


About ColdKit:

Part of Purever Group, ColdKit is Portuguese market leader in its sector – professional solutions for agri-food and hospitality markets, selling industrial panel, industrial doors, clean rooms and catering equipment, among other products.