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News | Refrigerated display cabinets and catering equipment in FACIM 2014 | ColdKit

ColdKit, one of the biggest manufacturers of catering & hospitality equipment, was present at the 50th edition of FACIM – Maputo International Fair, between 25 and 31 August 2014. According to IPEX – Institute for Promotion of the Exports of Mozambique , the organizer of the event, this year the exhibition had a turnout of 84,600 visitors and 3145 companies (650 of them foreign) were present showcasing their equipment, showing innovation and new developments in their business sectors.

“The growing international interest in Mozambique, along with the increase in available airline connections, creates various business opportunities in tourism, as well as hospitality (hotel accommodation) and complementary services including catering,” said Alberto Montenegro from Purever Group, justifying the presence of ColdKit at FACIM.

ColdKit was represented at the stand booths 54 and 55 (Pavilion 2). Always keeping in mind the economic potential of Mozambique, the company exhibited equipments designed for catering & hospitality: Calabria display cabinets, especially targeted for patisseries; Araya all-purpose refrigerated showcases, offering maximum performance in store capacity and display; Aruba multideck chillers, wall display directed at supermarkets and small food retail points; and Mizar refrigerated preparation tables.

In addition to products for the hospitality & catering establishments (hotels, bakeries, cafeterias, pastry shops…), ColdKit produces other refrigeration solutions for different markets, such as professional kitchens and self-service businesses. The company has an Agrifood division that integrates complete solutions for the construction of large industrial facilities built with industrial panel (refrigeration, wall and cover panel) which is completed by a wide range of Industrial Doors for intensive use.

ColdKit thanks the presence and support of all participants.