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News | Installation of the new Patisserie Ezra | ColdKit

ColdKit UK, through Retail Catering Solutions (its retail division for turnkey projects for catering businesses) collaborated with the chain of patisseries Ezra in order to equip their new space.

Located in Lincolnshire (England), the new Patisserie Ezra presents a new concept of serving pastry with a homely touch, sandwiches of the highest quality and freshness, continental breakfasts as well as delicious hot and cold desserts. For their new unit, they decided to contact Retail Catering Solutions, a leading supplier of catering equipment and turn key projects in the United Kingdom.

The chosen option for displaying sandwiches, pastries and drinks, was the neutral & refrigerated display cabinets Calabria. Besides its wide area of presentation, these displays have a grab & go version for self-service. Saona counters and serve overs were used as to ensure the maximum display of their patisserie products. Back bar shelving was installed with down lights & mirrored sides, giving Patisserie Ezra the wow factor.

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On the back bar (working area) we used a combination of Mizar preparation tables, Linx ambient furniture (such as stainless steel tables with built in hand sink for the coffee & food preparation), and Dubhe cold storage cabinets, both chillers and freezers. Besides the neutral furniture and the serve overs, other equipments were also installed, such as bar blenders and crepe machines. The aim of their layout design was to promote an efficient working layout.

So happy with the look and service from Retail Catering Solutions, Mr. Dogan Beyaz -the owner- has now recommended us to a few clients, colleagues and friends. If you need catering equipment for your restaurant, catering retail shop or franchise business (coffee shop refrigeration displays and other equipment for coffee shops, counter bars, deli, meat & patisserie counters, as well as any other commercial kitchen equipment), please contact our cater equipment company. We will help you to realize the dream of setting up your own business.

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