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Expo Matrix display coldroom

Ideal for displaying drinks or food at service stations or any other food business with self-service area, such as hypermarkets and supermarkets

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ColKit presents Expo Matrix, a refrigeration solution specially targeting self-service retail stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets or service stations. In these places, to display food and drinks in an attractive manner is so important as to maintain it in the ideal cooling conditions for their preservation.

Expo Matrix display coldroom is a set of Matrix modular walk-in coldrooms with added door modules of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 units. With this product, food trade businesses can now get an attractive merchandising for beverages, desserts, fruit, sandwiches or salads.

These display cold rooms, which can be used both for chilling and freezing purposes, have some characteristics that make them suitable for different types of food and several retail environments. They are designed not only for service stations or canteens, but also for any other retail food shop with a self-service area.

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Attractive presentation and ease of use

Expo Matrix has several features that make it not only aesthetically appealing but also practical to use:

  • Standard lighting through energy friendly LED, placed strategically between the shelves and door modules to attract the attention of consumers;
  • Multi-adjustable shelving which optimizes the display of products;
  • Glass doors with PVC frame, 4mm thick tempered glass and a 12mm divider, as well as seals on the door jambs. There is also a choice with the opening direction of the doors (left or right) which in addition have an automatic closing mechanism.
estante interior expo_matrix_6

Freshness and hygiene

Expo Matrix can be built with 60mm thickness insulating panels (chilled storage cold room) or with 85mm thickness insulating panels (freezing storage cold room). This insulation maintains the products in the best temperature in accordance with food safety standards, without spending more energy than necessary to ensure the freshness of food as well as keeping the cold chain.

Freezer rooms include pressure release valve.


Energy Optimization

Expo Matrix Display coldrooms can be equipped with up to 6 glass doors as to favor selecting products directly without opening the door of the coldroom. This feature allows power savings as the cold storage unit tends to be open for less time, which means less wasted energy.

Moreover, the insulation of the cooling unit is designed to be highly efficient. Floors can be either in phenolic resin or in reinforced antislip stainless steel; both have 85mm thickness.

Câmara frigorífica com vasta área de exposição

Comfort and ease of installation, use and maintenance

As every other Matrix coldroom, the assemble is very easy as one single key is needed and supplied, not only for the assembly of the cold room but even to assemble the door modules.

Expo Matrix was designed to incorporate GN trays, making it easier to move the food between the preparation and the display area. Cleaning the cold room is also easier as its internal components can be removed. 

If your business needs a display cold room, either chilling or freezing, please contact us using our form.