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News | ColdKit coldrooms in Peru | ColdKit

From May 29 to June 1, ColdKit will be present at Jockey Exposition Center (Lima – Peru), to participate at the event Gastromaq along with CATRI (refrigeration equipment solutions with high technological level – industrial panels and doors, building and industrial refrigeration).

Gastromaq is an event that brings together the best gastronomy and hospitality suppliers, with the presence of food processing industries’ representatives (gastronomy and hospitality).

ColdKit will be present at this exhibition with its coldrooms Matrix and Isark.

Matrix modular cold room


Matrix is ​​specially designed to respond to the needs of preservation and storage of the catering sector. It is suitable to store massive amounts of perishable foods.

Thanks to its modularity, the size of this “walk-in” chiller rooms can range from the dimensions of a small closet to the size of a room. Matrix is targeted particularly at hotels, restaurants, fast food chains, professional kitchens and food stores.

Isark mini-coldroom


A mini-coldroom is the ideal solution for small industrial kitchens or when the available food storage space is reduced. It can also be used if the catering establishment has a larger chiller to store frozen or chilled food, but needs also a smaller one to have easier and faster access to certain ingredients of the kitchen, or to refrigerate ready to serve items (sauces, salads, desserts…).

This annual gathering of kitchen equipment suppliers will feature all sorts of products for those who are thinking about opening a restaurant, hotel, bakery, pastry shop, coffee shop, ice cream parlor or any other catering or food trade business, such as: coldrooms, freezers and chillers, hotel & catering equipment, neutral furniture for industrial kitchens, meat display counters, refrigerated display cabinets as well as self-service equipment. Visit ColdKit in Gastromaq at the stand V-408 (the first at right after entering the main corridor). Take this opportunity to be updated about the latest industry trends and check to the quality of our products in loco. See you soon!