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Industrial and commercial refrigeration dealer for the catering business praises the quality of ColdKit

Corr Chilled is a supplier of commercial refrigeration and catering equipment. The company sells top quality branded equipment to industry sectors including convenience retail, hospitality and care homes. Corr Chilled provides delivery, installation, warranty and servicing across the UK and Europe.

ColdKit has been working with Corr Chilled for a few years now, providing refrigeration and catering equipment such as Isark mini-coldroom and its accessories. Regarding the quality of ColdKit’s products and services, Adam Stevens from Corr Chilled says:

“Since we have started to supply walk-in coldrooms and freezer rooms from ColdKit we have been impressed by the quality of the product and the efficiency of the installation service they provide.

It is this complete package supplied with each room that allows us to go into the market and sell the product with confidence. Our faith in the product is backed up by the positive customer reviews which follow any installed project.

The excellent support from the office-based team and the competitive product pricing all contribute to an all-round excellent customer experience and with Coldkit we hope to continue to grow our business.” – Corr Chilled

The team at ColdKit thanks Corr Chilled, wishing this business cooperation continues for many years.