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Aruba multideck chillers


Aruba, new ColdKit’s multideck range

Aruba, the new range of refrigerated wall mounted displays

Aruba wall display cabinet is directed to markets, supermarkets and small food retail points. It offers an excellent product presentation, promoting impulse buying. It ensures the best possible preservation in perfect cooling conditions.

It is possible to customise the decoration of Aruba’s surfaces, with standard options or tailored to your corporate image. Aruba can easily be incorporated into any range of self-service thanks to its tray slide supports.

This refrigerated wall mounted display case is characterized by its versatility and can be used to display and sell various types of retail food: drinks, sandwiches, fruit and vegetables.

The ideal complement for these small establishments is Araya all purpose showcases, which provides a range of cash counters.

The main advantages of the new Aruba wall display cabinets are:

1. Versatility guaranteed by its two different models:

  • A model especially designed for fruits and vegetables, with three levels and top mirror;
  • Another multipurpose model, for drinks, sandwiches, dairy… with four levels of exposure.
Aruba, refrigerated wall displays by ColdKit
2. Various widths and depths available:

  • Aruba refrigerated multideck showcases can be adapted to any space thanks to their 4 widths available: 1,000, 1,250, 1,500 and 2,000 mm (39, 49, 59 and 79 inches); ;
  • And with 2 different depths to fit your business: 600 and 800mm (24 and 31 inches).
Aruba, refrigerated display cabinets, wall mount
3. Wide variety of decorations and customization:

  • Panoramic sides with polyurethane insulation, including side glasses as to facilitate the view of the displayed product from every angle;
  • Solid sides coated with PVC and with polyurethane soul;
  • Fronts coated with PVC.
Aruba, fruits & vegetables multideck
4. New! Option of closed side panels with doors to versions 600 and 800

  • Drink, dairy product and deli version.
  • Cooling system ventilated.
  • Using only refrigerants (R404A).
  • The CFC free polyurethane insulation and density of 40kg/m³.
  • Refrigerated elements climatic class 3 (25ºC/60% R.H.).Lacquered RAL 7031 side panels (Polyurethane foamed).
  • Internal lacquered white coated RAL 9003.
  • White SkinPlate front panels decorations.
  • Interior lacado a branco RAL 9003.
  • Panoramic side glass.
  • Frontal glass.
  • 4 shelves adjustable in height and tilt.
  • Night blind.
  • Digital control.
  • Internal lighting.
  • Adjustable feet.
Besides those, there are several other features which make Aruba refrigerated wall display the ideal complement to your business:

  • Excellent value for money;
  • Frontal glass;
  • Climate class 3;
  • Adjustable height shelves;
  • Night blind;
  • Digital control with automatic defrost program;
  • Fluorescent and low energy internal lighting;
  • Adjustable feet;
  • Contemporary and compact design;
  • And several other accessories!


For viewing or downloading the Aruba wall display cabinets catalogue, click on the image next or here.

Aruba catalog, the refrigerated wall-mounted display cabinets from ColdKit

Options, accessories and decorations

Aruba refrigerated multidecks can be customized with the following options:

 Aruba’s decoration  Aruba’s Kit Frontal Grille Self Risers  Aruba’s Kit Stickers Ticket Strips  Aruba’s Kit Ticket Strips from ColdKit
Frontal decoration Kit Frontal Grille Self Risers Kit Stickers Ticket Strips Kit Ticket Strips
 Aruba, Kit Underself Lighting from ColdKit Aruba, Evaporation Kit from ColdKit Aruba, Tray Slide Support from ColdKit Aruba, Wood package from ColdKit
Kit Underself Lighting Evaporation Kit Tray Slide Support Wood package

Do you own a market, a supermarket or other retail food store and need a chilled wall display cabinet? Contact ColdKit and receive more information about Aruba.