ColdKit Products

Today, ColdKit is consolidated as a leading company in the sector, where it is noted for its COMMITMENT TO ITS CLIENTS, TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION AND DESIGN.

Commercial hinged door


For personnel, pallet and handtruck traffic

Application Usage

Interior or exterior in coldrooms both for chillers and freezers

portada Panel

  • Injected polyurethane insulation, density of 40 kg/m3
  • Standard white food safe laminate, coated with P.E. film
  • Insulation thickness:
  • 60 mm for chillers, with superimposed panel
  • 120 mm for freezers, with semi-inset panel
  • Full perimeter seal, pressure mounted on PVC profile
  • Maximum clearance limit in width 1,200 mm


  • Manufactured in extruded aluminium profiles
  • Side extension profiles to suit any panel thickness
  • Standard finish in Stainless anodised aluminium finish


  • Grey hinges in 2 part polyamide, with lift ramps and stainless steel coupling pin
  • One-point blue and grey lock, equipped with locking latch
  • Interior safety release latch
  • 1006 1018 6018 3000 5015 9006
bisagra cierre marco
Hinge Lock Frame

  • Anti-panic bar kit
  • Double glass 340 x 640 mm vision panel with air
  • chamber framed in aluminium profile (chilling only)
  • Overhead track flan
  • Panel insulation in PIR
  • Panel insulation in M1 polyurethane
  • Frame lacquered in white RAL 9010
  • Panel finish in A-304 stainless steel
  • Panel finish in PVC
  • Panel finish in RAL colours: