Introducing the new Cold Room Optima

Based on the needs of our customers, we have developed the new cold room Optima.

Such as our other modular cold rooms, Optima is the ideal solution for the conservation and cold storage needs in hotels, restaurants, catering companies, food trade and commercial kitchens.

Optima is equipped with innovative features whose purpose is to improve and facilitate the work of both the installer and the final customer.

  • Easier to assemble due to Its modular system of 4 angles.

  • New optional lighting system

Optima is modular by 20 cm in Its entire range, staying out some dimensions. Due to the fact that Optima is assemble from the inside out, it can be installed without needing additional space for the assembly. Each cm is used for the cold room in itself. A fast and simple assembly, without the need to realize cuts. Optima allows to create sets of two or more cold rooms, adding partitions walls with fixation via profiles.

Optima with floor (Optima 85 & 105): for negative temperatures with 4 available exterior heights: 2m; 2,2m; 2,4m and 2,6m. The floor panels have a resistant coating in phenolic resin non-slip and have the Class 3 anti-slip classification certificate (the same required in outdoors swimming pool areas).

Optima without floor (Optima 85): for positive temperatures available in 4 exterior heights: 2,03m; 2,23m; 2,43m and 2,63m.

Supplied with a special U- shaped PVC profile to floor fixation that facilitates the fast placement and support the vertical panels. This profile provide an interior and exterior skirting profile, ensuring a simple assembly and a technical and perfect aesthetic finish.