Designed to ensure a secure and attractive showcase of food and beverage

Ideal for displaying food and beverage in grocery, convenience stores, service stations, supermarkets, among other businesses.
The Expo Matrix cold room is equipped with glass doors that allow to display merchandise to customers, before being opened.
The key elements are the adaptable shelves to fit different product sizes.

Positive and negative temperature
The Expo Matrix works with both positive (cooled products) and negative (frozen product) temperatures.
It may be used to showcase a wide variety of food products such as salads, yoghurt, beverages, cheese and sausages, cooked meals, pizza, ice-cream, ice and frozen food.
The ideal solution for environments between +10ºC to +33ºC and a relative humidity of 65%.

Additional Refrigerating Capacity
In order to install glass doors in cold rooms, the thermal capacity of the refrigeration equipment must be increased.

Energy saving
Energy saving with the Expo Matrix is what sets it apart, reaching up to 50% more efficient than other conventional systems, like the open or sealed wall chiller. In case of Expo Matrix the doors are fully airtight and automatically return to their initial closed position.
Also, the doors’ opening direction may be configured in accordance with the needs of each customer. It’s also equipped with built-in LED lighting, which not only represents energy saving, but also modern aesthetics which guarantees that products are adequately lit, thereby avoiding added heat to the cold room’s interior.