The modular shelving system optimized for food use that will keep working areas of your hospitality business organized

The Coolblok shelving system has been specifically developed and designed to cater to the different needs that may arise in working spaces in the hospitality industry, offering a high value product at an affordable price.

It's the perfect solution to maximize the available space, suitable to store raw materials, prepared food in cold rooms or to organize groceries, kitchen utensils, cleaning productos or laundry in the laundy room.

Robust, hygienic and long lasting materials
All mounting pieces of the Coolblok modular shelving system are made of anodised aluminum of 15 microns, and the shelves themselves are made of high density polyethylene. Due to their high-quality materials, Coolblok shelves can be used in temperatures ranging from temperate to freezing, making them an appropriate choice for cold rooms. All elements have been extensively tested to perform and resist cold temperatures without losing any of their attributes.

The Coolblok shelving system is NF certified in food safety and hygiene by AFNOR, guaranteeing it is apt to be used in food processing industries. The shelves are dishwasher proofed, which makes cleaning extra easy. Therefore, it is widely used in hotels, restaurants, laboratories or laundry rooms, amongst others.

High capacity and endurance:

<= 1035 mm = 200 Kg

1035 to 1580 mm = 150 Kg

Variety of sizes: 370MM Line, 470MM and 560MM Line.