The mini cold room that’s optimizes small spaces

The best solution for small spaces and when a refrigerator cabinet is just not enough.
Isark is the cold preservation and storage solution for small restaurants, fast food, stores or for the general public, with little storage space.
It’s designed for the type of business that has no need for large-scale cold rooms, but simply can’t work with multiple freezers. The Isark cold storage room provides a volume capacity of 2,3m³ to 28,9m³.

Isark with floor: for negative temperatures and available in 3 heights: 2m; 2.2m and 2.4m.
The floor panels have a resistant anti-slip phenolic resin coating, with Class 3 Anti-Slip Classification Certificate (the same required in outdoor swimming pool areas).

Isark without floor: for positive temperatures and available in 3 heights: 2.03m; 2.23m and 2.43m.
Supplied with a special, U-shaped PVC profile that facilitates quick installation and fixing. This part provides an interior and exterior skirting profile, ensuring simple assembly, with a flawless technical and aesthetic finish.