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Monday 9 November, 2015 17:53

News | Coolblok (modular shelving) launches new website | ColdKit

Coolblok, modular shelving to optimise storage, has launched a new website in November 2015. As ColdKit, Coolblok belongs to Purever Group, and its shelving is often used in ColdKit cold rooms. Coolblok modular shelves were designed and developed to meet all types of storage requirements. The new website has a shelving configuration ...

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Tuesday 13 October, 2015 18:14

News | ColdKit associated with yet another sporting event

ColdKit is a company that is committed both socially and culturally to the community it is a part of. As part of its social responsibility policy, the organisation could not but include sporting activities as a way of promoting a healthy lifestyle. Loyal to its organisational philosophy, ColdKit decided to support ...

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Thursday 1 October, 2015 12:51

News | ColdKit always on the move

In line with its sustainable growth strategy and in order to make its name on the Spanish market, ColdKit will be taking a different approach to advertising its products in Portugal and Spain, making the brand, its dynamics and the innovative spirit of the team known. As the organisation has international ...

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Tuesday 21 April, 2015 12:07

News | Cater equipment for a gym’s coffee-shop | ColdKit

Retail Catering Solutions, ColdKit’s retail division for catering projects, recently provided the kitchen & display equipment for a coffee shop within Oakley fitness Gym. Oakley Fitness is a modern Gym located in Kent, it has the latest state of art equipment, and has an affordable membership. Oakley Fitness Project contacted ...

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Thursday 9 April, 2015 14:51

News | CATRI and ColdKit and strengthen their business partnership | ColdKit

ColdKit, catering equipment manufacturer with over 20 years of international experience, recently celebrated a partnership with CATRI (refrigeration equipment solutions with high technological level) for the distribution of all its products in Peru. Soon this commercial alliance will be strengthened through another joint participation in an international exhibition. Between 27 and ...

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Thursday 19 March, 2015 15:44

News | Industrial Doors at the slaughterhouses in Feurs | ColdKit

As ColdKit, Portiso is a company that belongs to Purever Group. It has modern production facilities in several countries and offers a wide range of industrial doors for intensive use that meet the needs of the most demanding professionals. Recently, Portiso France ended an important work for the slaughterhouses of the ...

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Tuesday 10 March, 2015 10:58

News | Tailor made retail project for Quiznos, a sandwich restaurant | ColdKit

Quiznos is a well-known fast food franchise from the USA, now in wide international expansion. Although the restaurant is famous for its delicious sandwiches, there are also salads, soups, desserts, delicatessen products, homemade bread and cheeses. Quiznos offers perfect menus for lunch and its customers value not only the quality ...

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Monday 23 February, 2015 17:00

How to choose a refrigeration solution for your business?

Refrigeration is an integral part of the kitchen of any restaurant, patisserie, coffee shop or café. Without a proper industrial cooling system, it would be impossible for catering companies to buy ingredients in bulk, store them or keep them preserved with the right temperature. When opening a catering or hospitality ...

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Wednesday 11 February, 2015 16:35

A complete ColdKit kitchen for Nuno Bergonse’s new restaurant in Lisbon

Chef Nuno Bergonse has recently opened his latest space devoted to food lovers, which is located at Cais do Sodré in Lisbon. Besides being a restaurant, Duplex also includes a bar and a pizzeria. It's the kitchen I've always dreamed of, confesses the Chef. ColdKit has settled a partnership with the ...

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Monday 20 October, 2014 12:11

News | Innovation in continuous refrigeration panels | ColdKit

Innovation is a subject that is on the agenda. A news from the current year reveals that United Kingdom is still a “EU regional innovation leader”. The country is particularly well positioned in innovation developed by SMEs. ColdKit is proud to be among the companies that are contributing to global innovation. ...

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Tuesday 7 October, 2014 18:02

News | Cold rooms for wine research at UK’s first wine scientific center | ColdKit

Plumpton College is an institution of specialized education with a wide range of courses, some in partnership with the University of Brighton. The educational offer if this institution relates to agricultural production, including a Master's degree in Viticulture and Enology. Within this course, Plumpton College is proud to have started ...

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Tuesday 22 July, 2014 15:00

News | Installation of the new Patisserie Ezra | ColdKit

ColdKit UK, through Retail Catering Solutions (its retail division for turnkey projects for catering businesses) collaborated with the chain of patisseries Ezra in order to equip their new space. Located in Lincolnshire (England), the new Patisserie Ezra presents a new concept of serving pastry with a homely touch, sandwiches of the ...

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Wednesday 25 June, 2014 16:17

News | Quality kitchen equipment for a bakery & pastry shop| ColdKit

Retail Catering Solutions, ColdKit’s retail division for turnkey projects supplied commercial catering & kitchen equipment for The Good Taste Bakery, a chain of bakeries with more than 20 years of experience in hand made patisserie. The owners decided to open a fabulous coffee shop in Country Market garden centre in Bordon ...

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Tuesday 3 June, 2014 14:31

News | Portiso industrial doors for the production of bread, meat, fruits, vegetables & dairy in Panama | ColdKit

Riba Smith is a leading supermarket chain in Panama. In April 2014, the company invested 73 million euros in an unique infrastructure in the country: a production and logistics centre covering all types of food sold by Riba Smith, allowing the chain to grow and produce in these facilities. This ambitious ...

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Tuesday 20 May, 2014 16:16

News | ColdKit’s catering equipment in Scotland | ColdKit

The historic Inveraray Castle is a major Scottish tourist attraction. Recently, its popular tearoom was refurbished with a new design and layout and a complete display system that includes a refrigerated display cabinet and a counter from ColdKit. After performing a search on the available suppliers of catering equipment, the project ...

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Monday 19 May, 2014 16:49

News | Industrial panels for Ramirez’ new canned food factory | ColdKit

ColdKit is collaborating in the supply and installation of products for the new Ramirez’ canned food factory in Matosinhos, Portugal. With 20,000 square meters of industrial buildings and a total area of ​​40,000 square meters, the new Ramirez industrial unit represents an investment of 18 million euros. «'Ramirez 1853' will be ...

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Thursday 24 April, 2014 11:57

News | Hotel equipment supplier in Algeria | ColdKit

ColdKit, manufacturer of catering equipment, kitchen equipment and other industrial equipment, is present at the international fair Djazagro with its modular cold rooms. Djazagro is a reference exhibition of the food and beverage industry in Maghreb. It is taking place between 21-24 April at Safex - Algerian Company of Fairs and ...

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Thursday 10 April, 2014 11:21

Industrial and commercial refrigeration dealer for the catering business praises the quality of ColdKit

Corr Chilled is a supplier of commercial refrigeration and catering equipment. The company sells top quality branded equipment to industry sectors including convenience retail, hospitality and care homes. Corr Chilled provides delivery, installation, warranty and servicing across the UK and Europe. ColdKit has been working with Corr Chilled for a few ...

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Wednesday 8 January, 2014 17:49

ColdKit-Getam and Portiso in CFIA, the exhibition for the food-processing industry

ColdKit-Getam, along with its partner Portiso (both companies belonging to Purever Group), will be present at CFIA – Carrefour des fournisseurs de l'industrie agroalimentaire, between the 11th and the 13th of February 2014, in France (Parc Expo - Rennes). ColdKit-Getam, French subsidiary of ColdKit, provides products and professional technical solutions for ...

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Wednesday 27 November, 2013 17:44

ColdKit sponsors the contest Chef’s Academy with industrial kitchen equipment

The television contest Chef’s Academy, regarded as "the greatest cooking school in Portugal", was released on November 23 in the portuguese channel RTP1. ColdKit sponsors this program offering equipment for professional kitchens, such as modular shelvings and service trolleys. The number of people interested in gastronomy has been growing in the ...

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