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News | Industrial Doors at the slaughterhouses in Feurs | ColdKit

As ColdKit, Portiso is a company that belongs to Purever Group. It has modern production facilities in several countries and offers a wide range of industrial doors for intensive use that meet the needs of the most demanding professionals.

Recently, Portiso France ended an important work for the slaughterhouses of the French city of Feurs. This work was done throught a company dedicated to the development of professional facilities, production of insulated panels and construction of agrifood holdings, as long as cladding and facades for industrial buildings.

The installer contacted Portiso France to obtain solutions for commercial doors. Various types of doors were supplied, according to the  identified needs of the slaughterhouse:

  • Service doors – Ideal for interior and exterior pedestrian traffic for offices, changing rooms, bathrooms…;
  • Hinged Doors – Interior or exterior applications in coldrooms both for chillers and freezers;
  • Sliding doors – Solution for m medium-density pedestrian, hand truck, pallet and forklift traffic.


Fulfilling its strict quality standards, Portiso has produced these industrial doors with lacquered coated sheet color and polyester fiberglass.

Portiso is a company dedicated to the manufacture of isothermal doors designed to meet the multiple needs in any industry sector: warehouses, chemical, pharmaceutical, agrifood, health, collectives, hotel and restaurant businesses… Contact us to learn more about our solutions.