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News | ColdKit’s cater equipment in Gastromaq 2014 | ColdKit

ColdKit attended Gastromaq 2014, an exhibition for the hospitality and gastronomy players. The fair took place between 29 May and 1 June. ColdKit, in partnership with its client CATRI, presented the advantages of its modular cold rooms.

ColdKit on the Gastromaq fair

“Due to the growth of tourism in the country, the hospitality sector is predicted to grow between 13 and 15% this year,” mentions Alberto Mosquera, ColdKit’s Export Manager, underlining the strong interdependence between the two sectors: “The diversification of the tourist offer and the investment in business meetings and international conventions in Peru have led to the construction of dozens of hotel units. And they need to equip their facilities with hospitality and catering equipments such as cold rooms, refrigerated cabinets, neutral furniture for industrial kitchens, display cabinets for meat, refrigerated display cabinets, as well as self-service equipment. “

This way, ColdKit’s presence in Gastromaq approached the company to its market and clients,  witht the opportunity to publicize its products and technological developments in Peru.