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News | Portiso industrial doors for the production of bread, meat, fruits, vegetables & dairy in Panama | ColdKit

Riba Smith is a leading supermarket chain in Panama. In April 2014, the company invested 73 million euros in an unique infrastructure in the country: a production and logistics centre covering all types of food sold by Riba Smith, allowing the chain to grow and produce in these facilities.

This ambitious multi sectorial project will have five main buildings for the production of bread, meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables. According to recent news, the products generated in this industrial complex will be distributed in the four Riba Smith’s headquarters, as well as in the units which are to be constructed, but also in several other supermarkets.


Portiso, a company part of Purever Group as ColdKit, was the chosen provider for industrial doors, a product that meets all the needs of the industrial sector. Using Portiso’s isothermal doors has several advantages, such as:

Thermal insulation, which contributes to improved food preservation ;

Energy savings and reduced maintenance costs – The installation of Portiso’s doors helps to reduce energy losses caused by the constant need for access to raw materials;

• Comfort and safety of workers – We have several types of doors (for example, hinged doors and sliding doors), each one with features that meet the desired application, always bearing in mind that our primary concern is the safety of users.

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