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News | Industrial panels for Ramirez’ new canned food factory | ColdKit

ColdKit is collaborating in the supply and installation of products for the new Ramirez’ canned food factory in Matosinhos, Portugal. With 20,000 square meters of industrial buildings and a total area of ​​40,000 square meters, the new Ramirez industrial unit represents an investment of 18 million euros.

«’Ramirez 1853′ will be a cutting-edge industrial structure, with up-to-date technological specifications» said the company in a newspaper interview. The goals the new facilities are «lower operational and logistical costs, use of modern industrial equipment and creation of new products, always focusing on food safety and innovation». To achieve this purpose, Ramirez contacted ColdKit, which has the ideal solution for large installations requiring isothermal polyurethane insulation.

For this project, ColdKit provided approximately 13.500m2 of industrial panel, making use of its high technological and insulation features, as well as its extraordinary hardness and resistance to environmental conditions. This feature allowed the installation of three freezing walk-in coldrooms with a volume of about 6000m3. There are also storage coldrooms, work rooms and technical areas.

Isothermal doors, with a wide adaptability and robustness, were also provided. To guarantee its constant product development, ColdKit has an R&D department which concentrates the experience of various countries and markets with highly skilled engineers and experts of the sector.

It is an honor for ColdKit to work with Ramirez, the world’s oldest canned food factory.