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Today, ColdKit is consolidated as a leading company in the sector, where it is noted for its COMMITMENT TO ITS CLIENTS, TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION AND DESIGN.

Florida display cases for small installations

Showcase for cakes and desserts

Florida is a compact display cabinet, aimed especially at small establishments, like bakeries, cafeterias and coffee shop. Its modern design with straight glasses, along with its broad presentation area, attract customer’s attention and stimulate the buying of cakes or desserts.

Logo cabinet Florida

There are two versions of Florida, depending on the purpose: neutral showcase (for display products that do not require refrigeration) and refrigerated showcase (for storing food at low temperatures, while maintaining an excellent presentation).Florida has double glazing (refrigerated version) and four levels of exposition and lighting, ensuring not only a consistent and reliable cooling throughout its interior but also and an attractive and elegant way of exposing food products.

Easy maintenance.

Unique features, exclusive benefits!

    • Neutral and refrigerated versions.
    • Climate class 3.
    • Ventilated cooling system (forced air).
    • Use of refrigerants that comply with the environmental legislation (R404A).
    • CFC free polyurethane insulation injected at high pressure to a density of 40kg/m³.
    • Stainless steel trays.
    • Double glazed rear doors.
    • Single frontal glass (ambient).
    • Double frontal glass (refrigerated).
    • Double glazed side glasses.
    • 4 levels of interior lighting and exposition.
    • Anti-condensation finishes.
    • Large refrigeration capacity.
    • Lengths of 1100 and 1400 mm.
    • Digital control panel.
    • Evaporation kit.
    • Adjustable feet.

Florida display cabinet wengue

Display cabinet with customized decoration


The ambient and refrigerated display cases Florida present several finishes and standard decorations, with various types of colors, woods and frames available. See the options below:

Pastry showcase in wengue Desset showcase in birch White display cabinet Colors available for the decoration of your display cabinets
Wengué decoration Birch decoration White skinplate decoration Wide selection of custom colors


Florida display cabinets offer the following options:

LED lights for display cabinets Wood package to transport the pastry showcase Wheel kit for a dessert display cabinet
LED lighting Wood package Wheel kit

Technical data:

Florida technical data

* (Evap.Temp. = -10ºC Environ.Temp. = + 32ºC) **(Test according to EN ISO 23953)

Front and side decoration not included.