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Showcases, vertical displays and cold rooms at ACR Show 2014

ColdKit UK has recently participated in the ACR Show in Birmingham, UK, between 11 and 13 February 2014. This exhibition has joined manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of the industrial refrigeration sector, as well as their end-users.

ColdKit UK presented to the British market its complete display and cooling solutions for hospitality establishments (bakeries, coffee shops, patisseries…) and self-service:

“Visitors made positive comments about ColdKit’s extensive range of display cases, refrigerated and for pastry. The range of Java display cabinets for butchers and delis had a wonderful feedback, as well as other ColdKit’s products – their specifications, finishes, design and quality of materials. ACR Show 2014 was a success, ” said Hugo Faria, from ColdKit’s International Trade Department.

About ColdKit: Manufacture and wholesale of professional Insulation and Refrigeration solutions for hospitality, catering and professional kitchens – display cases, neutral furniture, modular shelving, modular cold rooms, among other products. Turn-key development of professional installations with industrial panel (refrigeration, wall and cover panel) and industrial doors.