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ColdKit at ACR Show 2014, the dedicated event for the air conditioning and refrigeration industry

Taking place at the NEC in Birmingham, UK, between 11-13 February 2014, the ACR Show connects manufacturers, suppliers, distributors of air conditioning & refrigeration products. It is a must attend event for all stakeholders in the industry.

In 2014, ACR Show will feature the latest ground-breaking cooling technologies, as well as seminars about vital changes in the law affecting the industry. The participants will have a unique opportunity of meeting the great representatives of the refrigeration industry, besides attending free seminars about how they can improve costs, efficiency and much more.

ColdKit UK are attending this event to introduce to the British market its complete solutions of exposition and refrigeration targeting hospitality establishments (such as bakeries, coffee shops, pastry shops…) and self-service, such as:

  • Araya all purpose showcase;
  • Calabria and Florida, display cabinets for pastry shops;
  • Aruba, multideck chiller for markets, supermarkets and small food retail points;
  • Java, display cabinet for the refrigerated exposition of meat, chicken or Deli products.

 Florida, display refrigerator for pastries

About the products, William Quail, Managing Director of ColdKit UK, says: “ColdKit has been making a considerable effort with R&D, as we can verify by the presentation of Java display cabinet at ACR Show, and the lauch of Aruba wall display cabinet at the event Restaurant Show. We took these initiatives since we detected the need to offer more efficient conservation, modularity and better product presentation in the refrigeration market”.

Come and see our latest products, you will find ColdKit at stand E21 of Hall 9 and see our wide range of display refrigerators. If you own an hospitality business, like a bakery, a pastry shop, a chocolatier or if you simply want to increase sales of desserts at your restaurant, you need to have a refrigerated display case with shelves and attractive lights. Contact us to discover the ideal refrigeration solution for your business.