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Retail Catering Solutons supplies modular counters, display cabinets, chillers and neutral furniture to Retail P Store

97P Store is a London retailer which offers amazing value to customers everyday with wide range of great products and top brands.

Retail Catering Solutions, ColdKit’s retail division for turn key projects, is a supplier of display cabinets and counters for coffee shops and foodshops, retail stores and franchises, supplied 97P with the following equipments.

  • Saona modular counters with G/N containers for display and refrigeration – With Saona modular counters it is possible to fully equip restaurants, bakeries and cafes as well as to offer a large display area;
  • Calabria heated display cabinet – A display cabinet specially designed for pastries and desserts;
  • Corsica counters, for the service area. ;
  • Mizar 3 door chiller counter cabinet – Mizar line was created for kitchen professionals that need expert solutions for everyday storage needs, in accordance to food safety requirements;
  • Linx stainless steel worktable with built in hand sink plus stainless steel sliding doors, as well as a stainless steel double bowl sink with a pre-rise tap – A complete range of neutral products based on a flexibility concept which offers outstanding technological innovation, functnionality and design.

Retail Catering Solutions works with all specialists within the catering industry, whether starting up a catering business or replacing existing equipment with state of the art products at affordable prices. Contact us and find out more about our turn-key solutions for excellent presentation and optimised preservation of your products.

 Stainless steel counters for selfservice, Display counters for pastry, Refrigerated tables for kitchens

 Modular counters in stainless steel for selfservice