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Today, ColdKit is consolidated as a leading company in the sector, where it is noted for its COMMITMENT TO ITS CLIENTS, TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION AND DESIGN.

ColdKit sponsors the contest Chef’s Academy with industrial kitchen equipment

Best quality kitchen equipments

The television contest Chef’s Academy, regarded as “the greatest cooking school in Portugal”, was released on November 23 in the portuguese channel RTP1. ColdKit sponsors this program offering equipment for professional kitchens, such as modular shelvings and service trolleys.

The number of people interested in gastronomy has been growing in the latest years. Bearing that in mind, the television has increased its number of cooking shows, like Top Chef (also sponsored by ColdKit) and Masterchef. Still, Chef’s Academy is not just an entertaining contest. It is also an educational program that aims to promote Portuguese cuisine within contestants and viewers.

The main objective of Chef’s Academy is the education of new hospitality professionals, aiming that one day participants will work in the kitchens of restaurants and hotels. To make this possible, their training will be very comprehensive, focusing on issues such as health and safety in industrial kitchens and adhearing to the HACCP standards.

Due to concerns about the quality of the kitchen equipment used, Shine Iberia (the producer of the TV program) invited ColdKit to sponsor Chef’s Academy. ColdKit accepted the invitation and provided modular shelvings for food storage and service trolleys to transport the tableware. Both products belong to the Linx range, made ​​of stainless steel of the highest quality, with the advantage of being completely adaptable to the needs of clients in terms of dimensions and finishes.

Modular shelvings & service trolleys for hotels and restaurants

Also Oporto School of Hospitality and Tourism contacted ColdKit for a renovation project of their cooking equipment, and this video shows the result of that work done. It is usual for ColdKit to see its equipment being used by the future Portuguese chefs, not only at Chef’s Academy but also at other schools.

Brought to you by the friendly TV host Catarina Furtado, the contest is for all who are interested in cooking, from professional chefs, through to those who cook for their family, even to those who would not know how to fry an egg. The host supports the participants of the contest: “I have this affinity with the contestants, which is not knowing how to cook, so I am also going to learn from them,” she confesses in an interview to Jornal de Notícias.

Stainless steel products for industrial kitchens

About ColdKit’s activity: ColdKit offers equipment for the Hospitality and Catering sector that represents a wide variety of products for professional kitchens, catering and self-service.

ColdKit has an Agrifood division that integrates complete solutions for the construction of large industrial facilities built with  industrial panels (refrigeration, wall and cover panel) which is completed by a range of Industrial Doors.