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The angolan group Score Distribuicao counted on ColdKit to provide equipment for Deskontão, its new supermarket chain

ColdKit became a supplier for Deskontão, a new distribution brand belonging to Score Distribuicao. Last June, the group launched a new Deskontão commercial space in the city of Belas (Luanda). This was the first among the eighteen planned units, beggining a process which, besides Deskontão, foresees the opening of sixty Mel supermarkets across the whole country.

Located in the south of Luanda, the inaugurated supermarket occupies an area of 11287 metres, representing a 33 million dolars investment. Score Distribuicao aims to contribute to a more organized way of supplying food products.

Deskontão is building a strong presence in Angola. According to the group directors, the main activities of the brand are the development of Angola’s agricultural and agro-industrial production. The newly opened store is prepared to meet the demand of large costumers, like professionals or extended families, offering a great variety of products in a single space.

ColdKit offers a wide range of products for the food retail industry, which allowed it to properly equip the commercial space in order to meet the needs of the consumers. In the area of preparation and storage of frozen and fresh products, ColdKit provided coldrooms, industrial panels and insulated doors. In the customer service area, ColdKit provided refrigerated display cabinets, neutral display cabinets, hot display cabinets, service counters, refrigerated cabinets, as well as display coldrooms with a glass door both for fresh and frozen products.

About ColdKit: ColdKit offers equipment for the Hospitality and Catering sector that represents a wide variety of products for professional kitchens, catering and self-service. ColdKit has an Agrifood division that integrates complete solutions for the construction of large industrial facilities built on industrial panel (refrigeration, wall and cover panel) which is completed by a range of Industrial Doors.

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