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Today, ColdKit is consolidated as a leading company in the sector, where it is noted for its COMMITMENT TO ITS CLIENTS, TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION AND DESIGN.

ColdKit UK and its customers come together to help the ones who need the most

ColdKit, the UK leader manufacturer of catering equipment for hotels and restaurants, promoted the organization of a sports event to help cancer victims.

On the 7th of June, ColdKit’s managers and customers gathered at the Wentworth Club, one of the most important golf clubs in the world. This club, which organized the event, is part of the European PGA tour (a professional golfers’ organization from the United States of America). Among the participants there were also some celebrities, professional golfers and important citizens who normally support social projects in London.

The goal of this partnership was to collect funds for the ARK Cancer Centre Charity, to be built in Hampshire, UK. The center, which will open in 2016, aims to support patients from the towns of Basingstokea and Hampshire who fight against cancer.

Combining sport and solidarity, ColdKit UK has invited the participants of this golf event to raise funds to build the new center. Each one of the sponsors had a “hole sponsorship”, which allowed them to show their brands at the golf course. To support the cause, ColdKit also sponsored one of the 18 holes.

ColdKit wishes to warmly thank the sponsors and supporters of this initiative, which has been largely supported by recognized companies, for their solidarity in raising funds for a noble cause.

About the company: The range of equipment for the Hospitality and Catering sector that ColdKit represents a wide variety of products for professional kitchens, catering and self-service businesses. ColdKit provides all the elements needed to open and operate these kind of businesses, as well as a department specialized in Turn-Key Projects, a service for the development of professional installations. On the other hand, ColdKit has an Food & Agro division which integrates complete solutions for the construction of large industrial facilities built on industrial panel (refrigeration, wall and cover panel) which is completed by a wide range of Industrial Doors for intensive use.

ColdKit UK

The event was very successful in number of participants and fundraising.

ColdKit UK

ColdKit’s “hole sponsorship” (image courtesy of Ad In The Hole Portugal)

ColdKit UK, ARK Cancer Centre

How the ARK Cancer Center Charity should look like upon completion of the construction project (image taken from Basingstone Gazette)