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European certifications for the Frigopap’s insulated panels

ColdKit’s refrigeration panels, Frigopap, have achieved two European certifications: the Level 1 of the CE marking, used in the European Union, and the TAD – Technical Application Document, used in France.

The CE marking is the evidence stated by the manufacturer that the product conforms to the requirements set out in European directives. The Level 1 of the CE marking, the highest distinction in this scope of application, has been attributed to ColdKit’s refrigeration panels through an annual audit of the CSTBCentre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment.


Frigopap’s refrigeration panels are presented with thicknesses of 16, 24, 31, 39, 47, 59, 71 and 79 inches, in different finishes like lacquered colors, stainless steel and plastisol. These panels are tailored to the needs of the project.

The Technical Application Document is a particular form of the French certification Avis Technique which designates the rules for the application of a product or component holding the CE marking. The DTA certifies ColdKit’s ability to use processes, materials, components or equipments in its activity, indicating that the Frigopap’s insulating panels comply with the regulations in force, are suitable to be used in construction work and have the required durability.

The DTA is then the declination of the Avis Technique for products with CE marking. Despite this certification being applied only in France, there is a correspondence between the Avis Technique and the DTA and the procedures used in other countries.

For ColdKit, one of the great advantages of DTA is the ease in obtaining other counterpart certifications outside France, besides being able to collaborate in large projects that require the highest quality products.

With the level 1 of the CE marking and the DTA, ColdKit proves once more its constant concern with their costumers, providing them always with the best solutions in the market.