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Constant improvement in the Matrix modular coldroom

 Matrix Modular Coldrooms

ColdKit, which defines itself through continual improvement, is always open to the feedback and suggestions about its products in order to improve them constantly. Therefore, the company developed a solution for the Matrix modular coldroom that best fits the needs of customers, installers and all stakeholders.

A new solution was designed to dismiss the corner caps of the Matrix modular coldrooms , and to change the rounded profile. Now, the side profile goes till the top end of the coldroom, where it joins the top profile. With this development, a complete solution without lids and with a leaner look was obtained.

 Matrix Modular Coldroom

The benefits of these changes are the following:

    • Less assembly time;
    • Easier assembly;
    • A finer looking coldroom;
    • An increased customer satisfaction, with the rounded top profiles now matching ceilings.

The effective date of this change will be April, 15th. All orders received after this date will automatically be delivered with the new upper profile and without any corner caps. However, the former upper profile, and with the corner caps, will still be available.

ColdKit values its costumer’s feedback regarding product improvements, new product developments or any other idea that can contribute to our continual improvement. Customers propose, ColdKit acts.