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Purever Group visits India along with Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs

 Purever Group visits India

On the last 3rd of March, Luis Borges Coelho, CEO of Purever Group, was part of a group which accompanied the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Paulo Portas, in a five-day visit to India.

The purpose of this diplomatic visit was not only promoting the Portuguese products and companies, but also attracting investment. Paulo Portas was accompanied by the president of AICEP – Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency, the Secretary of State for Culture and representatives of 35 Portuguese companies, including Purever Group. They visited New Delhi, Mumbai and Goa and organized meetings with national authorities, members of the Indian government, to discuss matters of interest to the Portuguese economy.

According to Paulo Portas, India has an enormous potential for Portugal as an export market. Bearing in mind goods and services, the exports from Portugal to India represent almost 5 times less than the imports: “This indicates that something is not being done well. It means that we can potentially grow a lot in this relationship, if we are persistent and if we know how to sell our unique products”, said the Minister.

Luis Borges agrees with the importance of India as a strategic market, in this case for Purever Group. “We are now in the process of creating industrial structures that will allow us to transfer our technology and know-how in India. Thus we can locally produce to commercialize competitive products, as well as create a production center that facilitates our entry into the Asian zone”, said the CEO of Purever.