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ColdKit’s Linx neutral furniture in Top Chef TV talent show

Top Chef - ColdKit

ColdKit has established a partnership with CBV, the TV production company of Top Chef.

Top Chef is the cooking talent show now showing in the national Portuguese television channel, and where our Linx service trolleys are being used as part of the equipment every contestant uses.

From the end of July 2012 and on during 13 weeks, it is possible to watch Top Chef talent show every Saturday evening, where 16 Portuguese chefs have to test their cooking abilities in several challenges. The tests are evaluated by a jury of three high level and well known Portuguese chefs: José Cordeiro, Susana Felicidade e Ricardo Costa.

In this context of professional kitchen, ColdKit has been considered a perfect partner so as to provide equipment for the chefs’ use during the contest. The Linx service trolleys, made of stainless steel, were useful for different usages, guaranteeing safe transport and easy cleaning maintenance.

ColdKit presents Linx, a wide range of neutral furniture in stainless steel which is ideal to support top chefs and other professionals´ daily work, namely worktables, preparation tables, sinks, water taps, hot worktables, cupboards, washbasins, adjustable racks, trolleys and water coolers.