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London 2012 Olympics: a new success for ColdKit

ColdKit olympic

ColdKit UK has achieved another commercial success in the London 2012 Olympics with the provision of over 130 Isark mini cold rooms for the facilities of the Games.

This is not the first time ColdKit is responsible for providing specialized products for Olympic facilities, because in Athens 2004 our Matrix modular cold rooms and Isark mini cold rooms where supplied to equip the facilities of the Games.

ColdKit -and Purever Group to which it belongs to- is proud of being a supplier for an event of this magnitude, as it represents a confirmation of the level of demand and quality of our products, besides our efficient internal processes and logistics, all necessary to serve in these circumstances.

Congratulations from here to athletes, organization and visitors to the London Olympics 21012 to contribute, along with many other professionals, for making possible the resounding success the Games have been.

The facilities of the Olympic Games, which had ColdKit products, gave service to over 6 million people, including athletes, live spectators, members of the organization, the Olympic committee and staff services.

We are proud to have been part of this great event, but will continue to strive and develop top quality products which shall continue to earn the trust of the most demanding users.