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Today, ColdKit is consolidated as a leading company in the sector, where it is noted for its COMMITMENT TO ITS CLIENTS, TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION AND DESIGN.

Araya all purpose refrigerated showcases

The Araya refrigerated display cabinets are designed to guarantee the maximum performance in terms of capacity and presentation. They have a wide glass area suitable for displaying different types of products depending on the type of food business.

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Besides the choice of curved glass or flat glass, the range of Araya’s refrigerated display cabinets have a refrigerated understorage that increases the conservation volume.

These refrigerated cabinets are designed with compact dimensions so that the units occupy as little space as possible, allowing you to optimize presentation capacity in small premises.

The Araya series of refrigerated cabinets can be used in both static mode, where the refrigeration is by natural convection, or ventilated mode, where forced ventilation is used to allow an improved distribution of the refrigeration in larger volume cabinets. Switching between the two modes is simple, using a switch located on the control panel.

Araya curved
Araya straight

Exclusive quality that offers advantages: 

• Refrigerated display cabinet static / ventilated.

• Curved glass or flat glass.

• Shelf with intermediate exposure.

• Toughened side glass.

• Granite Work Top.

• Sides in polystyrene (PS) with foam insulation in polyurethane (PUR), which guarantees a high resistance to corrosion, high thermal insulation and low weight.

• Upper frontal decoration in polystyrene (PS) (white RAL 9003).

• Digital control panel.

• Thermometer at sight.

• Natural convection or forced ventilation.

• Resistance for anti frontal condensation.

An excellent product presentation in perfect conditions!

Till counter for the Araya refrigerated cabinet

With Araya refrigerated showcase it is possible to have an entire surface area to serve customers. The till counter is the ideal complement to the Araya refrigerated cabinets, allowing you to have an excellent refrigerated product display, while maintaining a good customer service.

ColdKit Araya till back

 ColdKit Araya till


Araya refrigerated display cabinets have the following options:

ColdKit - Araya sliding back doors curved ColdKit - Araya Stainless steel deck plates ColdKit - Araya Wired step decks Custom colors
Acrylic rear sliding doors Stainless steel deck plates Wired step decks Wide selection of custom colors

Technical info

Araya technical data

* (Evap.Temp. = -10ºC Environ.Temp. = + 32ºC)    **(Test according to EN ISO 23953)  Noise Level: < 70 dB

All display cabinets models have:

Ventilated condensation – Climate Class 3, Refrigerant R- 404 A, Digital Control and Automatic Defrost.