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ColdKit presents the latest novelties for the french market at CFIA

CFIA Rennes 2012

CFIA Rennes is the anual meeting for professionals of the Agrofood industry in France, and there are representatives of every single link of the production and supply chain.

Most of ColdKit´s products, as well as those manufactured by sister companies of the Purever Group such as Portiso and Getam, are focused on the agrofood sector specifically in a few of the supply chain steps: from the origin of food products, in need of immediate refrigeration in adequate conditions, to the presentation of them in refrigerated cabinets or coldrooms with glass doors for exhibition purposes.

In this edition ColdKit mainly presented Matrix modular cold rooms and Isark mini cold rooms. Due to the presence of food producers as visitors of the show, and since they need large industrial installations for washing, preserving and then distributing food products, the presence of ColdKit´s range of industrial panels was very welcomed.

For these large installations, ColdKit has a complete range of industrial panel which is mainly divided into three products:

• Refrigeration panel
• Wall panel
• Cover panel

The whole range of industrial panel can be customized with a wide variety of external finishings, colors or striations, according to the requirements of the project.

ColdKit´s range of industrial panel is manufactured is the most modern factory in Europe, with top notch technology and the best raw materials.

Along with these ranges of modular coldrooms, mini coldrooms and industrial panels, there was a presentation of the latest novelties in insulating doors for refrigeration premises, with different finishes and materials.

Once again ColdKit attended this important meeting with its customers in France, and we would like to thank all of you for your visit.