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ACR Show 2012 – ColdKit presents in the UK its new ranges of refrigerated cabinets

ACR Show 2012

ACR Show in Birmingham in its 2012 edition was the chosen event by ColdKit for the launch in the British market of the collections of bar sets and display cabinets Saona, Nassau and Bali, as well as the stand alone refrigerated cabinets Araya and Calabria; the former a multipurpose refrigerated cabinet, and the latter a refrigerated cabinet for pattiseries.

Along with the flagships of our company, Matrix modular coldrooms and Isark mini coldrooms, this event was the official launch for all these new ranges of products devoted to the professionals of patisserie demanding modular, customizable and long lasting refrigerated displays for their products.

As a proof of this adaptation to specific requirements, we presented a prototype made under request of one of our customers in the UK. It was a cabinet for frozen yoghurt, with a presentation area and complemented with Calabria refrigerated cabinets. All tailor made: sizes, functionalities, and colors and patterns of decoration, showing the know-how in refrigeration that ColdKit has.

Since ACR is mainly a refrigeration exhibition, we could not miss the opportunity of launching as well the brand new range of mortuary coldrooms from ColdKit, another development coming from ColdKit´s R&D lab and based on our best selling product: Matrix coldroom.

These mortuary coldrooms are available with different types of doors depending on the business (funeral homes, hospitals, laboratories…) and come with the internal racking system for the body trays.

Do not miss the images of our product presentation at ACR Show 2012 in Birmingham; click here to have a look at them.